Electricity has shaped the modern world. But how has it affected our health and environment?

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Arthur Firstenberg , The Invisible Rainbow  - book

The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. by. Arthur Firstenberg





A review 

"This book is an interesting and compelling read. After detailing some fascinating experiments on regrowing limbs and detailing the electrical systems of animals the author explains that there is a massive bias towards establishment and authority rather than facts. Medicine is operating more like a religion than a science and new ideas are suppressed or ridiculed and their originators often punished.

Scientists' pronouncements are often self serving and misleading. We're learning more and more about less and less. Studies on trivial topics are often funded while important research gets no support as it threatens the status quo. Yet the public largely thinks that the study of medicine is based on science and logic.

This book explains that promise of a future of golden health and extended life thanks to wonder drugs and fancy new surgical techniques and the like turns out to be empty. The body has an amazing capacity to heal, but only if we give it the tools it needs to do so - adequate nutrition and all the necessary vitamins and minerals etc.

Keeping pollution to tolerable levels is also vital for health and EMF pollution, the author explains, is at least as dangerous as air pollution or common toxic exposures. At the moment we're all participating in a giant experiment to see how harmful EMFs really are. We need to know more about EMF issues but a multitude of risks are well already well documented. For more on this topic including practical tips on minimising the health problems EMFs can cause the book on 'grounding' called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? by Martin Zucker is worth a read.

Lots of drawings and descriptions of cutting off limbs from frogs and salamanders are included in the first part of the book. Readers squeamish about animal experiments may find parts of this book difficult to read.

Reading the findings and also problems and unfair criticism and political opposition faced by those with genuinely new ideas on health and healing is wonderful and inspiring but also somewhat depressing. We need many more scientists with this much integrity, intelligence, logic and insight to even make a dent in the corrupt corporate medicine system we have. Year after year the quality of medical studies gets worse. The drugs-are-the answer-for everything marketing hype gets ever more shrill and monotonous and detracts ever more from real medicine based on reason and scientific fact."