Dr. Stefan Lanka - PCR Test (20 Dec 2020)



Dr Stefan Lanka on PCR :
- If the conditions are not stringent you produce any kind of genetic material even without having genetic material present a long knows fact with PCR test.
- It can detect a very short sequence, a maximum 1% which is said to be part of a virus.
- General limitation: If the temperature, the conditions ( concentration, constitution )of the primer , if they are not absolutely correct the testing done is far away from any biochemical reason.
- The number of cycles- how often you repeat a multiplication process polymerase( a polymerase chain reaction) can be meaningful up to 30 cycles.
With 30 cycles already the PCR always starts to be dirty, to produce all kind of genetic material ie. to give a positive result because the enzymes used get old with every cycle , heated up and cooled down repeatedly , so they are not specific . Even without a DNA they just produce genetic material giving a positive result.
Therefore, you can test anything and anybody even the most pure water or vodka.





-It is just adjusted to give a general rate of positivity and , then, it does not matter. sure if there is some genetic material ie some nucleotides inside it easily gives a positivity.
- They are using 45 cycles, completely out of reason because there are no primers present anymore because they are used up already. So this technique,logically, on a mathematical basis cannot work anymore . So the polymerase is just using any kind of genetic material there to produce all kinds of sequences that are not there in reality but giving a positive result.

-PCR  test - is the idea to duplicate a given piece of genetic material ie nucleotides, therefore you have to know what it looks like. You produce in the lab a shorter piece which binds on one end of the material you want to duplicate and use another one at the other end of the genetic strand so you can just repeat it in other cycles.
- Before the PCR test become a must test it was obligatory for everyone using a PCR test that the product they amplified they checked if it was the same size ie. if they only amplify this and they sequence it. So the product in the PCR was checked for the correct length and the correct sequence but they are not doing it anymore.
Nowadays, they are just putting a stain inside and show when you have a lot of stain measurable ie. fluorescence, they say ,look it is positive . They are not checking if they really produced the right piece and if it has the same sequence as the one they are saying they are reproducing. It is just self-deception.
It is not just yes or no , a clear positive or negative . If you get a lot of cycles , out of nothing you get a positive result.
You can use PCR test in a precise way , up to 20 cycle you get very clean result but in more it becomes unclear and very dirty.

- When they check the cell cultures they are working with to produce hormones, vaccines, etc
it does not matter which cell culture you always have the background of all sequences which are said to be present in viruses. You can just amplify the signals for every virus in every cell culture, this is known but nobody talks about it. You can find it eg. on this floor , wherever ,just use 40 cycles and you get the signal .



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