The Sherlock Holmes of Health with Dr. Mary Ruddick

 There are still people on the earth in perfect health who don’t know what a headache is, experience insomnia, period pain, depression, or anxiety. It seems hard to believe since many of us along with family and friends, have these health conditions, among others. Our guest today has indeed witnessed this beautiful picture of health firsthand. This is Episode 318. Our guest is Dr. Mary Ruddick. Mary is a seasoned medical nutritionist who specializes in metabolic microbiome immune and nervous system disorders. She travels the globe researching ancestral diets and their protective mechanisms on health. She tells all kinds of stories, from what she has learned from the Hadza and the Batwa tribes in Africa to changes in diets and lifestyles that have compromised the health of some indigenous people groups around the world. She also tells about her own health journey, how the work of the Weston A. Price Foundation and the GAPS diet helped her recover after years of being bedridden. Finally, she tells us about a project that she is putting into place to help children stick close to their ancestral diets.


Podcast and transcript


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