Working hours performed by Yunus Shabaan

6/6/20121 - Meeting = 2 hr miakel and emilio Muller demostrated their sites and we discussed the best one to use.

8/6/2021 - checking modules for outdated ones or unnecessary ones so as to slimdown the site for faster loading times. also went through the site structure and configuration so as to find best method to make th site more user friendlyand also load faster = 3 hrs

13/06/2021 - Meeting = 1hr

14/6/2021 - worked on making it possible to share pages to email or social media. found a suitable method, couldnt install no error message given. after trying several methods, i discovered that the site has to be updated. contacted Rickard via whatsapp since he was responcible or updating. = 3 hrs

27/6/2021 - meeting 30mins

04/07/2021 - meeting 40 mins