Israel’s “Killer Vaccine”: 50% of Those Fully Vaccinated (2 Jabs) Have Tested Covid Positive

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"The Israeli government has now confirmed that 50% of those fully vaccinated (2 shots) in the course of the last month have tested Covid positive. What this suggests is that Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine is not only conducive to deaths and injuries, it has resulted in an increase in Covid positive cases. 

Moreover, reports confirm that those vaccinated have contributed to the spread of the virus to those who have not received the mRNA vaccine. 

According to Israeli National News

“Israel’s campaign to promote the coronavirus vaccine – now focusing on young teens – is going full steam ahead, in spite of statistics presented by government officials showing that half of those recently infected with Covid-19 were fully vaccinated

Head of Public Health Services, Dr. Sharon Alray-Price, revealed the disturbing facts at a media presentation on June 23. According to her data, of the 891 cases of coronavirus confirmed in the last month alone, half had received both doses of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccine.


According to a report on Channel 12, in the months since the vaccines were rolled out, 6,765 people who received both shots have contracted coronavirus, and epidemiological tracing has revealed that an additional 3,133 people contracted Covid-19 from those vaccinated individuals. 

Despite these findings the government of Netanyahu’s successor Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is committed to ensuring full vaccination (2 shots) as a means to containing the “killer virus”.

“The Killer vaccine” which has resulted in countless deaths and injuries is upheld as the solution. “An information campaign to encourage vaccination and stress the importance of adhering to quarantine” was launched on June 24, 2021. The reimposition of the face mask has also been contemplated.

While the data on deaths and injuries in Israel attributable to the mRNA Pfizer Biotech “experimental” Tozinameran vaccine are unavailable, the “official” EU date base of Adverse Drug Reactions confirms that the experimental mRNA is a killer vaccine: 15,472 Dead and 1.5 Million Injured (50% Serious) pertaining to Covid-19  mRNA “vaccine” shots. (Pfizer, Moderna, AsraZeneka).

With regard to the Pfizer vaccine (which is being applied in Israel), the data for the EU is as follows: 7,420 deaths and 560,256 injuries to 19/06/2021"