The Final Refutation of Virology


"Since these virologists have clearly violated the laws of thought, logic and the rules of scientific work with their statements and by their actions, they can be colloquially described as science cheats. But since science fraud does not occur in criminal law and there are no precedents for it, I suggest and will do this myself, to have the employment fraud of virologists - pretending to be scientific but acting and arguing anti- scientifically - established in court and in criminal law. The responsible governmental authorities are called upon to prosecute these anti-scientific employment fraudsters in order to prevent them from doing anti-scientific and, as a consequence, anti-social and dangerous things. From the moment that a first court of law establishes the facts outlined below and convicts the first virologist of employment fraud, the end of the corona crisis will be heralded and sealed by the court and the global corona crisis will turn out to be an opportunity for all."

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Viruses ar real, they really real biological entity...this is radicalism not science...