Results of Ukrain monotherapy of prostate cancer

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 2000;26(5-6):191-3. Results of Ukrain monotherapy of prostate cancer. Uglyanitsa KN, Nechiporenko NA, Nefyodov LI, Doroshenko YM, Brzosko W, Nowicky W. Oncology Department, Higher Medical School, ul Gorkogo 80, 230015 Grodno, Belarus. This study included 15 patients with newly diagnosed prostate cancer with an average age of 71 years (62-85 years). The patients received Ukrain at a total dose of 100 mg (10 mg intravenously every second day, 10 injections altogether). After two to three injections of Ukrain, all the patients noted considerable subjective improvements in their state. Ukrain increased the amount of total T-lymphocytes, including "active" T-lymphocytes, decreased the content of T-suppressors and increased that of T helpers, correspondingly raising the T helper/T-suppressor ratio. Our results undoubtedly indicate the efficacy of Ukrain in the treatment of prostate cancer.