This is what government refuses to tell you’: Alan Jones


Published on 3 May 2021
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The question is why such measures?
Problem  in the video they do not address the real issue , cases of what  as there is no proof of virus isolation or reliable testing.
And  what quarantine  is needed ?  it is just made up . People have always been sick and died and poor lifestyle choices and  lockdowns have made things worst. Epidemiology   and 'public health ' does not proove  viral transmission . 
It is all about a ‘virus’ , just follow the BS that comes from authority institutions. masquerading as science.
The science does not exist as there has never been a control study in virology to definetley  prove that pathogenic viruses exist .
‘ Stefan Lanka: Not only the above-mentioned virologists, but all virologists define that a virus has no metabolism of its own and is biochemically dead.
However, how something dead can develop the power to enter the organism through the dermis, corium and fascia of the organs, the lining of the vessels and against the flow of mucus of the mucous membranes, in order to pass through the tough connective tissue mass (which surrounds all cells) is no longer an open question, but a refuted myth that has evolved throughout our history.'
Dr Stefan Lanka  has proven  that measles virus  does not exist( but there has been a vaccine for it for decades).
 He has recently done a control study and proven that with or without human cells you get the same results in the lab, there is no pathogenic virus, the artefacts  and death of the cells is from the laboratory procedures .