Universal Mask Wearing -A Hazard for Humanity and Life on this Planet - High Risk of Cross-Infection -Should be Stopped Immediately


Not only are masks ineffective ( see reference listed) but there is a very high risk of cross -infection and cross- contamination as most people , including health professionals ( unless they work in a surgical or dental setting)  are not used to wearing masks  on a regular bases .
Doctors and other health professionals, health advisors, ( as seen on television) politicians, government employees , police,   shop assistants, caterers and waiters/waitresses , teachers, airplane staff,  children  , basically most people, have no or little knowledge and training in infection control and cross infection as  blatantly obvious  everywhere, in health settings, shops, handling food and drinks, supermarkets, restaurants,  airplanes, people on television and internet videos.
They continuously touch the contaminated surface of the mask with contaminated hands and potentially cause more spread of infection.
There  is no hand-washing,  regular changing and single use of mask , the mask is continuously touched, put on and off, placed on tables, pockets , cars , reused over and over again  and even borrowed from one person to another . Most People ( including health professionals) do not know how to put them on and take them off and dispose of them  in a hygienic way,  food is touched with contaminated fingers  after touching the mask . This is a danger  and a health hazard for humanity and other species ( as the environment, rivers , sea and oceans are getting polluted with discarded masks)

"Surgeons well-versed in the scientific research regarding medical masks, especially the systemic reviews published by the Cochrane Collaboration Wound Group, know that surgical face masks provide no benefit in the prevention of surgical wound infections.[R][R] Surgeons with experience wearing surgical masks during long surgeries have undoubtedly experienced and understand the detrimental effects masks have on respiration, blood oxygenation, mental, and physical performance. For these science-based reasons, there is a worldwide trend towards surgeons and operating room staff no longer wearing surgical masks during “clean surgery” cases.

Nevertheless, many surgeons continue to wear face masks during clean surgery cases and outpatient minor procedures. We do so more for symbolic purposes, habit, tradition, or, not infrequently, because of institutional ignorance. That is, we are forced to wear masks because it is the ignorant, anti-science policy of the hospital or surgery center where we perform our surgeries.

Although wearing a mask during a clean surgery is unnecessary, there are other surgical cases in which surgical masks, eye protection, and face shields are still a good idea. For example, cases in which bone saws, drills, and other surgical power tools can expose the surgical team to splashes and splatters from the patient’s bodily fluids.

If a surgeon were sick, especially with a viral infection, they would not perform surgery as they know the virus would NOT be stopped by their surgical mask.”

  • Masks worn properly are well documented to cause harm to their wearers. Masks worn improperly, re-used, or contaminated are dangerous.
  • Any reasonable risk to benefit analysis of medical masks concludes that the risks overwhelmingly outweigh the benefits.
  • Children are at imminent risk of harm from mask mandates.”
Source: -An Evidence Based Scientific Analysis of Why Masks are Ineffective, Unnecessary, and Harmful



Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science-https://www.technocracy.news/masks-are-neither-effective-nor-safe-a-summary-of-the-science/)
-Flashback 2016: Face Masks Didn’t Work Then, Either


--Mask protection for Covid- a physical impossibility

People who enforce mask wearing are liable for causing  physical and mental harm , child abuse and potential cross infection and should be held acountable  for endangering life on this planet.


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