Conspiracy? Are There Worms in Your Face Mask? It Should Be Easy to Prove

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Are their worms on your facemask? You can find out.

Worth checking into:

According to a video posted on Rumble, there are parasitic worms on facemasks and Covid-Swabs.

A purported doctor, who is seen on a video and identified only as “Dr. T.,” took a look under a microscope, she said, and found masks contaminated with parasites.

Parasite purportedly found on a face mask under the microscope.

It is speculated by , who posted the video, that the worms might be “transgenic DNA recombinant organisms [genetically modified organism formed in a laboratory] and the most likely candidate would be the ‘Kamikaze hookworm’ which actually takes over the mind of its host. In nature, such creatures were not able to infect humans, however with our current level of technology, inserting a DNA sequence that would enable it to survive in the human body would be a simple task.”


Dr. T [left] interviewed by Mark Payne

capA mass of parasitic horsehair worms emerges from their host, a cricket. GIF: NURIE MOHAMED/WIRED.

Rumble, where the video is posted, is a video-sharing website similar to YouTube.

According to FastCompany, many conservative video content makers have left YouTube and joined Rumble after their videos were demonetized on YouTube.  Rumble reportedly makes it “much easier for video content creators to make money as the service isn’t limited to ad-based revenue for content creators,” according to Michael Grothaus, writing for Fast Company.

Some of the comments on the “facemasks have worms” video show the level of fear many have about COVID and the vaccines and, more to the point, their fear of a hidden agenda of those who they believe control a vast portion of the power and resources of the world, an unnamed, secretive, deep state, and globalist, financial elite, who act in concert to destroy freedom, reduce a burgeoning earth population and diminish humanity for their own selfish ends.

While this may appear farfetched, from genetically modified worms planted in facemasks to global conspiracies to reduce the population of the earth by 90 percent, it is true that millions believe or suspect one or more as yet unprovable theories that is easy enough to label – conspiracy.

If it is all untrue, then these are living with unnecessary fear.  If those who claim to possess superior knowledge actually do, they should be able to disprove some of it.  Yet the reaction of Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government is to silence by canceling, shifting algorithms away, mocking or dismissing people, many of whom have genuine fear, as cranks, kooks and conspiracy nuts.

That would not be the approach I would take, unless they were on to something that was true, and I was seeking to hide it by discrediting them. I would consider first that many of those who make these claims are not merely disinformation spreaders or madcaps, but people who are concerned about the future, theirs, their children’s and humanity’s.

Yes, it does seem rather bad – if it is true.

Of course, there are dangerous rascals who deliberately seek to spread falsehoods and others who present what they want to believe as true because they want it to be true, or want to gain some form of success by trying to appear to be in the know about things they really are not – but to dismiss and try to silence anyone who wonders if the government can always be trusted to tell the governed the truth, is perhaps just as dangerous.

With a degree of concern and understanding, I would approach topics in a scientific way – to determine what is provable, versus what may not be proven.  Proving [or disproving] a global conspiracy is not an easy task.

But the parasites on facemasks ought to be easy. Dr. T offers a simple test. One does not have to take her word: Get a microscope and test your facemask yourself. Let’s begin there.

If anyone has a microscope and a facemask, why not try the test and let me know.  If there are worms then we can try to figure out a way to test if they are genetically modified or not. But first, are there worms?

As for bias, it is my hope there are no parasites on facemasks, and no sinister cabal who consider their life on earth so precious to them and theirs that they would destroy other’s lives, so that they might enjoy more.

But I know that breed exists. I see it in the cigarette industry, for example, a business predicated on attracting teenagers into an addiction that will destroy their health over time.

As for parasites, and as an example of the fear people are feeling, here are a few comments on the video of Dr. T and the parasites.


Is this why Ivermectin is so effective against the CV, it’s treating the worm disease contracted via mask or test?


They are in makeup removal pads too, I tested a bunch the other day, they are likely in our food and water as well, it’s a genocide by the one world government the NWO is complete all governments are in on it.


These masks are made in basement sweatshops cut on filthy floors. That is where the parasites are coming from.


… [is it] an organism or is it military nano technology and how widespread is it, is it in our water supply? food? what else, I had a list of food manufacturers they have put nano particles in likely these too I’d say, it is a global genocide of massive scale and these people must be stopped, all governments must be indicted immediately for crimes against humanity in a court separate from the state as no court in the world can be trusted.


There is evidence these black “worms” are artificial nano bots that can be programmed to do whatever the programmer intends.


We need to know if the parasitic worms are organic or synthetic. If you wear Face Masks, put ALL your Face Masks into the freezer overnight. Any organic living parasite will be frozen to death, I would hope. I don’t know if freezing would affect a man-made synthetic parasite.


I picked up a mask that I’d been using and used a magnifying app on my phone and was able to see these worms immediately, without having to search at all. In my opinion, there is very likely a connection between mask wearing and respiratory diseases being experienced around the world (I’m a retired dentist).


Everything covid is a deliberate pre-planned agenda , and the masks and swabs are a vital part of that agenda, there is simply no reason at all to push a swab up to your cribriform plate, your brain barrier covered by a thin mucus membrane, it is deliberate and it is to install these nano worms


Friend of mine wearing masks nonstop due to her job and swab testing. – now diagnosed with brain tumors…. I’ll never put those masks on my face ever -or test with fake PCR testing that does not diagnose disease.


The doctor who found this is begging people with scientific microscopes to prove her wrong. She does NOT want this to be true…


I live in New Zealand. I tested two mask brands under microscope, both had the nano worms, and I tested makeup removal pads too and they also were infested with nano worms.