Public Health Act 2016 (WA) – Instrument of Authorisation – Authorisation to Supply or Administer a Poison [SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) VACCINE – Australian Defence Force] (No.2) 2021


 An authorisation by the Chief Health Office under the s. 197 and s.198 Public Health Act 2016 (WA) to authorise relevant Australian Defence Force employees to supply and administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.
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One  active case  reported  now in Western Austrlaiia. The few people who have died were over 78-79 and majority , 88-89 or over 90.

( if expand description shows graphs  and statistics)

And  recently 3 days lockdown ? Where is the science? 14 days in some countries, 10 in others. Australia  seem to like the 3 days and has a clever virus ,  is nocturnal, , masks when required  outdoors after 5-6 pm.

And after 1 case  and how can you have just one case ? There must be another one, theoretically , from whom he got the virus unless it just got if out if thin air.
And how can one claim that he may have gotten the infection  while in strict hotel quarantine  when to fly back into the country  you need to have a negative test.
The story is just total ' 'BS', an insult to even a child 's intelligence.

"The lockdown was ordered after a returning traveller who tested negative on release from a Perth quarantine hotel later tested positive for COVID-19, with authorities suspecting he became infected while in the hotel.."

April 24, 2021