The Wave




I just watched it & while its charmingly cheesy American TV, it is also powerful.

quite frightening actually 


The version I saw inially was the German  movie' Die Welle'

Two interesting articles.

"Many of the questions those students faced 50 years ago, he said, are the same ones we are facing today:" How do we change things? Do we work within the system, or risk arrest? Do we accept civil disobedience?"

For Jones, who now spends his time in the theater and writing, the Wave represents a period in his life that he prefers not to talk about. The experiment ultimately brought an end to his teaching career in the public school system two years later when he was denied tenure despite support from hundreds of students and parents who petitioned to have him stay.

"It makes me quite pleased that this has become a catalyst for people to talk about history. That's very rewarding, but I'm not proud of the Wave, and I don't want to see it repeated," said Jones, who has turned down inquiries about how to re-enact the Wave from everyone from cult leader Jim Jones to a British television company wanting to turn the experiment into a reality show.

Jones said he was particularly surprised how the students in the middle -- those who weren't the athletes, cheerleaders or part of the "in" crowd -- responded to the Wave.

"Sometimes as a teacher, you miss the middle group, those who just want to be successful at something for once in life," he said. "What was interesting during the Wave was that the very bright kids were excluded and martialed out of the classroom by guards early on. That left the middle group, who then felt empowered. That's probably what's happening today in the United States. People who felt left out suddenly are in control, and it feels good.

"Can it happen again? I say, 'It's happening.'"

Indoctrination in the digital age


I am just very tired and bored of the holohoax and misleading holocaust propaganda. It is a topic of its own; mot suitable to be exposed here in this forum. Just, let's talk about the nowadays "corona". -Best Regards to all!

it is not just  about the   holocaust but about people 's psychology and willingly participating . How  can people be so easily manipulated and  complicit , directly or indirectly to crimes against humanity or to their own enslavement.
As Michael Yeadon mentioned a few times why are scientists and doctors  who know what is happening  not speaking out. How can they live with themselves after given a potentially leathal  jab to healthy people with no clinical justification. Same with people in position of authority, politicians  media who can have an influence . 
It is  a psyop, the data and information on coronavirus is out there but people do not want  to know  or  are under some form of hypnosis. It is impossible to understand how majority comply with the contradictory nonsense and propaganda.  People are living in denial.