Dear colleagues in the fight against the evil & unjust “Vaccine Passports System”, right now being considered by the European Parliament,

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Dear colleagues in the fight against the evil & unjust “Vaccine Passports System”, right now being considered by the European Parliament,

Please find our weekend counterblast, from the Doctors4CovidEthics group.

You’ll see a series of Open Letters we’ve sent to the European Medicines Agency, expressing our deep concerns about the safety flaws at the heart of the gene-based vaccines, where virus-derived spike protein is caused to be expressed around the bodies of recipients. Spike protein is fusogenic & prompts blood platelets to clump. It should not be a surprise that blood clots, sometimes fatal, following injection.

We’re putting on notice those legislators who are considering whether to vote for this diabolical “vaccine passports“ scheme.

There are numerous, anti-scientific & downright dangerous aspects to this ill thought through scheme:

1. It doesn’t make anyone any safer. Vaccination at best protects the recipient, no one else. So no one gains over their private status quo by showing each other some ‘vaccine passport’.

2. The threatened limitations placed immediately upon the unvaccinated is unquestionably a coercive & illegal pressure. This will prompt some people to get vaccinated against their best interests & a number will thereby be injured or even killed as a consequence. Tragically, some people will needlessly die, who never was at risk of death from the virus.

3. The system that runs it & the database sitting behind it affords those controlling Vaccine Passports & it’s associated algorithms a level of totalitarian tyranny over others that even Orwell & Huxley never imagined.
When instructed by a VaxPass app to show up for a superfluous ‘top-up’ or ‘variant vaccine’, on pain of cancellation of their existing VaxPass, what freedom do they have? None: they are controlled.
And if that same app orders them to bring in their grandchild, as the child’s mother hasn’t, on pain of cancellation not only of your VaxPass but also the kids mother’s, what freedom do they have? It’s none: they are controlled.
Those who say these warnings are overdone are reminded that there is no rationale for these systems at all. Given that, those promulgating them are already beyond the pale.
Just in recent days, Alaska announced that unvaccinated people will no longer be permitted to conduct in person retail shopping.
Be under no illusion, the purpose here is complete control & the motives, while as yet unclear, can only be malign.

Please join with us in sharing these warnings far & wide. It is my sincere hope that readers will be horrified, then repulsed & finally be resolved to oppose & to prevent such a system EVER taking root anywhere near where you, your family & community live. Oppose it with all your might: our freedoms as human beings depends

Thank you sincerely from Doctors4CovidEthics,

Dr Mike Yeadon & friends.