In this week’s “Conversations with Dr. Cowan and Friends,” I was honored to welcome Alison McDowell. As I have described, I think it’s possible that humanity is living through a grand chess match at this time, a massive “game” that has its own rules and parameters. If this is the case, as in any game setting, to succeed, one needs to become intimately familiar with the rules. Otherwise, the situation is hopeless. 

Some people understandably question that they’re living inside a game at all, and other people acknowledge and even understand what they identify as the game but are overwhelmed or overmatched by the skill of the opponents. And then, a few people, like Alison, see “the game” as it’s unfolding and name its players and rules for others to understand. These people are the grandmasters for freedom.

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"For having realized that their stolen wealth and power can only take them so far, and they too will become food for worms, they have commandeered science and medicine to undertake their immortality projects. If medicine fails to find for them the secret of immortality, then computer science and Artificial Intelligence will, and they will be uploaded into computers and live forever in their beloved cyberspace. Digital immortality is not a joke for these people – see Kurzweil’s (the director of engineering at Google) “The Singularity,” etc. – for they are actually insane but hold key positions throughout the computer and biotechnology industries. Check where the super rich invest their money to confirm this. None of it is secret."