Influence of Ukrain on the nuclear thyroid hormone receptors after short-term gamma-irradiation.

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 2000;26(5-6):307-10. Luksa-Lichtenthaler GL, Ladutko EI, Nowicky JW. Institute of Applied Cell Culture, Balan st. 6, 81699 Munich, Germany. The ability of Ukrain, a semi-synthetic alkaloid thiophosphoric acid derivative (NSC-631579), to influence thyroid hormone levels in plasma and nuclear thyroid hormone receptors in female rat liver, as well as to modify the effects of short-term whole body gamma-irradiation on nuclear thyroid-hormone receptors in the liver was evaluated after intraperitoneal administration of the drug at 0.4 mg/kg body weight. Ukrain had no effect on the concentration of thyroid hormones in rat blood and increased the concentration of thyroid hormone receptors in the liver of intact rats during the first 2 months after administration. Ukrain normalized the level of nuclear thyroid hormone receptors influenced by short-term whole body gamma-irradiation of rats with 1 Gy, beginning from the first day after administration of the drug. Thus, Ukrain can minimize the consequences of irradiation in the endocrine system of experimental animals.