Can lockdowns ever work? / LIVE with Mike Yeadon @17.00GMT

As we emerge, slowly, and conditionally, from our latest lockdown, it can be easy to feel that such restrictions are a thing of the past. But we only have to look across the Channel — where there’s increasing talk of a ‘third wave’ and new variants — to see that this could be far from the truth. My guest today is Dr Mike Yeadon, an independent biotech consultant with 32 years of experience in research and development with big pharma — including Pfizer at senior management level — and within biotechnology as a company founder. Within this episode we will be exploring some of the pertinent issues around lockdowns, vaccine passports and the mass vaccination programme. We’ll also be exploring whether the issue of ‘variants’ will become a likely cause of future lockdowns, and the implication this has for a potentially unending series of vaccine top-ups and boosters. Please subscribe to the Pandemic Podcast at

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