Dramatic increase in deaths among seniors since "corona vaccinations" began


Dramatic increase in deaths among seniors since "corona vaccinations" began

March 30, 2021


When it comes to vaccination, the Federal Institute for Vaccines and Biomedical Products (Paul Ehrlich Institute, PEI) is the first port of call. Even this does not shine with the transparency or scientificity that one would expect from such a federal institute. This is shown by the regular evaluation of the PEI safety reports with us. Not least, the constant downplaying of the cause of death in people who died in connection with vaccination and the systematic prevention of autopsies in such deaths leave a bitter taste.

“The number of people who died in the past two months is at least as high almost everywhere as it was in the previous 12 months together. In 51 counties, mortality is more than four times higher, and in 22 of them, it is more than six times higher.”


The discrepancy between, on the one hand, a vast amount of data and, on the other hand, inadequate evaluation and processing by official bodies in Germany was reason enough for Martin Adam to take on the RKI data himself.

It should be mentioned positively that the data of the RKI are in principle freely available to everyone and can be accessed by means of a so-called "Application Programming Interface (API)". Since this "tapping" requires a great deal of technical knowledge, not just anyone can "simply" tap into the data and "quickly" create an arbitrary evaluation - the hurdle to this is quite large.


These numbers and graphs should be more than alarming for everyone.
Of course, such an evaluation cannot give "causalities" (causes) to the deaths - for this it would simply need autopsies by neutral doctors, which are currently, however, systematically prevented.



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