Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee

Published on 11 Mar 2021

McCullough testimony:
* Most cited researcher in history in his field which deals with the heart and kidney 
* Twitter, youtube, facebook blocked all information on treatments from April/May 2020
* Most Texans (including some Doctors) believe there are no treatments for Covid-19

*Medical Standard of care has failed at every level
*We have an unprecedented completly blank spot on treatments
* Failure of doctors to treat or care for sick patients
* One media Doctor promoted by media – this is abnormal
*There is not one single media doctor on TV who has ever treated a covid patient
*Not a single person in the White House task who has ever treated a  covid patient
*Why don't we get a panel of doctors together that have actually treated covid patients exchange ideas on how to finish the pandemic
*What happend , once a vaccine was offerd as the solution all efforts on treatments were dropped and warp speed vaccines  developed and there was silencing of any information on treatment

* Media promoting vaccines from April/May 2020
* Treatment Protocol published July – August, peer reviewed
* Treatment Protocol video gets one million views, then taken down almost immediately by youtube
* On receipt of positive PCR test result the patient should be handed a leaflet outlining help and advice
* Protocol combination of drugs : HCQ, Ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, some others depending on patient condition
* Treatment has 85% success rate on mortality
* Texas herd immunity at 80% of population with no vaccine effect, people who recover from covid have complete and durable immunity, you cannot beat natural immunity, you cannot vaccinate and make it better
*There is no scientific , clinical or safety rationale for vaccinating  a covid recovered patient.
*There is absolutally no rationale for testing a covid recovered patient.
*Is there any rationale for anything regarding covid ? The data says the vaccine will have a 1% public heath impact. It is not going to save us ,we are already 80% heard immune.
* Persons under age 50 no vaccine needed 
*Covid survivors have enduring immunity
*Asymptomatic spread does not happen

*Covid-19 is a treatable illness, the preventable fraction could have been as high as 85% if our pandemic response would have been focused on the problem, the sick patients in front of us.
*Sick patients,  you treat them.
*We lost focus on the fundamentals, there  are treatments but no single one works alone. The dismissive mistake was to do a very small study and pick one intervention  and , then say ,it did not work.  This has not been done  with other diseases, we look at signals of benifits  and acceptable safety and we combine them. But this independent declaration drug by drug that  drugs do not work was a giant error in the medical house. We never should have expected a single drug to reduce mortality but drugs in combination against a fatal or viral infection.

* What are the early treatment protocols ? These are blank spots.
* Doctors have lost compassion in treating patients. We have a crisis of compassion  now in the medical field.

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