Christians, gather outside the churches on 4 April!

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To show that they are in it in order to follow the example of Christ, rather than joining a crowd shouting "Crucify him".

Same is happening now.
Expected  last Easter that people in their faith will not  jsut  go  along with it and practice their freedom of religion. they just went on zoom.

Orthodox Church in Communist Romania

The Orthodox Church in Communist Romania was the period in the history of the Romanian Orthodox Church that spanned between 1947 and 1989, the era in which Romania was a socialist state. The regime's relationship with the Orthodox Church was ambiguous: while it declared itself "atheist", it actively collaborated with the Church, and, during the Ceaușescu era, the government used the Orthodox Church as part of his promotion of national identity (see National Communism in Romania).

The church collaborated closely with the Communist authorities in exchange with allowing it to keep its properties and a privileged position among the religious organizations.[7] Furthermore, the Church was vulnerable to blackmail because many Orthodox priests were members of the fascist organization Iron Guard




Churches can be used as vaccine centre. - Tuesday 19th January 2021

Christians condemn London police for shutting down ‘unlawful’ Good Friday church service citing Covid & threatening arrest