Whom to sacrifice for Human Challenge Trials?

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The United States of America completely lost control of the COVID-19 pandemic. The wonder drug hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work outside of President Trump’s Twitter feed. No other medicine emerged as a miracle solution, and there is of course no vaccine. Yet, but scientists came up with a clever way to speed up the vaccine research: human challenge trials, i.e. deliberately infecting people with the coronavirus to test experimental vaccines. Even bioethicists and Nobelists are all for it.

US President Donald Trump started the Operation Warp Speed, which consist basically of giving gazillions of dollars to any pharma company making the biggest vaccine promise, because the wannabe dictator would like to approve a coronavirus vaccine soonest, before elections later this year. As it happens, Moderna is one of the race leaders, and their mRNA vaccine already entered phase 3 clinical trial. Which is a bit weird, because even the biggest RNA vaccine enthusiasts admit there is not a single vaccine of this kind available on the medicines market, for no condition. Apparently the logic is: having failed so often with all other diseases, the mRNA-based vaccine must work for the coronavirus because of the statistical probability. Or something like that. Plus, Moderna is a very secretive company with a shady history and a shady founder. Plus their coronavirus vaccine apparently is not entirely convincing and has adverse effects. Yet all this is still nothing compared to what the coronavirus can cause.

And this is what our science elites want to do: infect so-called “human volunteers” with the coronavirus in order to faster test experimental vaccines like those of Moderna. There is an Open Letter, signed by 153 top scientists, including 14 Nobel Prize winners. I admit being a bit later reporting on it, but unlike proper science journalists, I am not ecstatic.