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EXPOSING THE FRAUD BEHIND PRO-VACCINE PROMOTION AND THE CONCEALMENT OF HARM. *NOTE ON DEPOSITION SUMMARY: The full Summary contains complete selected text, searchable by the terms used herein; it has direct links to the videos where things are said; has references to where in the transcript the discussion is found and references all the exhibits presented. In January 2018 Dr. Stanley A. Plotkin was deposed in a child custody case. Plotkin is the highest authority in the world on vaccines, is the person that has invented more vaccines and represents and is an agent of the 4 biggest and many other vaccine manufacturers in the world. Plotkin is also a promoter of vaccines with the many public and private health organizations around the world. In such deposition, later cowardly removed from the record, Plotkin confirms all the negative aspects and the dangers of vaccines, included but not limited to the use of fetal tissue in the process of vaccine making (see video 17:28:59), the toxic content of vaccines, the purposeful lack of testing on the part of #BigVaxxPharma and the CDC, the use of toxic substances instead of inert substances in their so-called placebo tests, how when a true placebo test group was found to have zero immunological reactions compared to the groups that received the vaccines and the “false placebo” vaccines they hid such results by combining the true placebo group with the “false placebo” group, and even how most vaccine studies only recorded injuries reported within 4-5 days from the date of injection and in some cases no studies were done prior to the approval to marked the vaccine. It also confirms the thousands of serious injuries and the many deaths associated with vaccines. More telling is all of Plotkin’s lies and attempts to hid the truth in his testimony, just like the CDC has done for decades, obvious to anyone watching the video based on Plotkin’s body language, demeanor, attitude and nervousness. Plotkin’s deposition and revelations embody the lie that #BigVaxxPharma, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (FDA/CDC) and the U.S. Department of Justice have perpetrated upon the world’s population: The fraudulent lie that vaccines are safe, when they are not and are exactly the opposite, and how this corrupt alliance between #BigVaxxPharma, government agencies and the medical establishment discredits and attacks any study or person that contradicts their lies. Stanley A. Plotkin is the Face of #BigVaxxPharma’s Lie.