Dr Tenpenny and Ted Kuntz- How do you wake up people who are asleep


approx. 49 minutes

Published  February 1, 2021

Dr. Tenpenny and Ted Kuntz, author of Dare to Question and president of VCC takes you through his journey with corruption of pharma and vaxx injury. Exclusive Deep Dive conversation can be found in our members section of my new podcast The Tenpenny Files (launching Feb 8th) found here: https://tenpennyfiles.podbean.com/

A few take-aways

May be part of humanity's transformation to push  us to assert our souverenity  and to grow up , Humanity  has been acting nearly like children and it is time to act as adults. How far can humanity be pushed until finally  we  have the courage to stand up and say , this is enough.

After minute 24 - It is time for people to stand up and be adults- ie. 'I  am responsible for my health, I am responsible for making medical decisions for my children, this body is sovereign, it does not belong to the government , it belongs to me. We have acted like children where we just followed the dictates of the medical system, we followed the dictates of the government, we believe that the media is telling us the truth and all of these are lies.

We have to stop going along,.Every time you are putting on a mask you are complicit in the tyranny of what is goimg on, you are normalising it,you are making it acceptable,it is not acceptable.
Everyone has to stand up and resist in their own way.

The Agenda is to Enslave Humans and they have chosen the weapon of fear.
How do you wake up people who are asleep?
Not only are people afraid to speak out, they are afraid to hear , they are afraid to listen as would have to challange the foundations they have .
This is more than just people being traumatised by fear, it is much more sophisticated. we know that Tv has been a structure for programming and control for years.
People have been behaving like children for years, maybe decades in term of just obeying authority.
Suffering is the gate to wisdom.. Plant seeds, with love, offer information in terms of questions instead of statements . Let  go of the outcome, sow  seeds, you never know where the good soil is.
Most people will not take action until they personally go through some suffering eg, loss of job.
We want to avoid people from suffering, we try to give them information so they do not have to suffer or get hurt . But some may have to go through the suffering before they are open to listen
That is the human condition and maybe at some point humanity will mature enough that we do not need to suffer before we open up to moral wisdom.





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