The Misinterpretation Of Antibodies

The Misinterpretation Of Antibodies October 2020

'A close look at antibodies is more important today than ever.'
'vaccination advocates are playing the "antibody" card'

"What is the increase in titer?

Quote: Dr. Stefan Lanka:

"The increase is nothing more than the body's reaction to poisoning [adjuvants], when the body is poisoned, holes are torn into the cells by these poisons and the cells are destroyed. The body's reaction when cells break down is to form sealing substance (globulins), small proteins that immediately expand in the acidic state, become flat and cross-link with their hydrogen sulphide groups, in which energy is stored, with other proteins and others. 

These start blood clotting and wound formation and these seal our cells when toxins are implanted in the body. But even if you get a blow on the muscle, in case of a bruise, or a blow on the kidney (especially sensitive), or the liver, there is an immediate increase in titer. The body reacts by sealing the damaged cells and sealing naturally growing cells. 

It is like a house that leaks until the windows are in and isolated, this is called an antibody and even a specific antibody, that is not true, the binding property of these proteins with your hydrogen sulfide group is not specific, this binds to all sorts of things, you can manipulate this in the laboratory by changing the acidity, adding detergents (washing up liquid) that change the mineral concentration, so you can achieve a binding, or not.

The blood of a pregnant woman is full of globulins to seal the placenta, which is constantly growing, to carry the substance to the child. The blood of a pregnant woman must be diluted 40 times to prevent her from being massively positive in tests, such as the HIV test."

The measurable antibody titers after vaccination only show the confrontation of the immune system with the antigens, which are mostly coupled to adjuvants. Without these adjuvants, no antibody formation would occur. Here it becomes clear that the immune system is much more complex and does not function exclusively through antibody formation. 

The model with the antibodies does not work in the front and back. If they can offer protection, how is it that people who have a sufficient titer still fall ill? How is it possible that the complete logic of the antibodies in HIV was turned 180 degrees, where high antibodies are counterproductive?

No antibodies are required, protection by vaccination is always assumed without providing any evidence

Circulating antibodies alone do not provide reliable protection, and this has been orthodox medical knowledge for many decades. In contrast, proof of efficacy at the time of vaccine approval is based solely on proof of the allegedly (sometimes?) protective antibody titers.

Antibody tests: The procedure in the laboratory

'there are no scientific criteria whatsoever as to what titer can, should, may etc. be called "immune protection". The laboratory technician is told that the test kit contains one or more proteins exactly corresponding to the shape of the microbe. If the laboratory technician would think about it, he would realize that under the appropriate conditions the form of the proteins could not correspond to that of the claimed microbe, because the proteins are no longer in their natural environment. This is called denaturation of the proteins. 

 According to the delusional logic of compulsion, these secret proteins are then called "antigens". Against which the antibodies can be detected. The test kit also contains: e.g. dyes and substances that serve to produce a "positive" signal for reproduction. The apparatus, into which the whole thing is then placed, is calibrated again with substances whose composition is kept secret and which are monitored by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. That and why there are about 5% people in the entire population in whose blood, under laboratory conditions, little or no immunoglobulins can be detected, is not discussed and not investigated. 

These people are then called "non-responders" after vaccination and are poisoned with more and more vaccines according to the delusional compulsive logic. For these 5%, blood group AB was invented. And, according to the compulsive logic, blood groups A and B, in addition to blood group 0 (40% of the population), for which little or no proteins that could clump in the test tube are found under the appropriate laboratory conditions.

The contradictions arising from the dogma of blood groups have been discussed away, first by claiming a rhesus factor and later by the continuous introduction of thousands of sub-blood groups.
(Feli Popescu German article
Feli Popescu translated article]) 

'Antibodies in Reality/Religion
Antibody fraud of the vaccination religion:
Vaccination = Antibody = Protection = Long life and health I have shown in detail that exactly this assumption (belief) is not true and has been disproved by several studies.

The conclusion from the whole situation is frightening

Obviously, the relevant federal authorities are not aware of any scientific evidence of protection by antibodies. Alternatively, the "state of the art" and the "general acceptance" of such substitute measurement parameters ("surrogate parameters") are invoked without obligation. The employees of the authorities therefore assume a protective titer without ever having seen the proof!

We are at a point where we must finally uncover the misguided development in medicine and introduce a paradigm shift.

  • We claim disease-causing viruses, without proof
  • We use surrogates such as antibodies for protection, which also have no scientific basis and reality does not at any time confirm this claim.
  • We use a DNA test (PCR) which cannot be a proof of a virus but is a manipulation tool and has never been validated.
  • Our leading consultants are those who have already been convicted of fraud

    So we see that we are dealing with very powerful commercial enterprises (lobby), where not even politicians can/may make their own decisions. Do we really want to continue to run blindly through the world?"

As the people  in charge of  the medical education sytem and institutions,  running  public health, advising on public health  and are voting /advising on public health have been trained, educated  under the misconception of antibodies and viruses as a model of disease  there is a great danger of  rolling out of unjustifiable vaccines  and vaccine certificates/ passports  that have nothing to do with health  .

The rules will be made up  and will keep changing under the pretext of Vaccines=Freedom:
'But the plan doesn’t preclude certificate-holders from still facing quarantine or testing restrictions — they could even be denied entry. But the draft does require authorities to alert other EU countries and the Commission to any of these restrictions at least three days before they’re introduced, along with a justification, precise scope and duration.'-

Dr Stefen Lanka offers a catalys for change (
'Corona as a chance, as a catalyst for change

Stefan Lanka: Corona is an opportunity for all people and for all areas, not only in the fields of viruses, medicine, politics and economics.

Virus theory for profit reasons
Die Wurzel: I believe that the pharmaceutical industry wants to maintain the virus theory in the way it has been believed since time immemorial, otherwise it would lose billions in sales (drug/vaccine sales losses). In order to convey a new understanding of viruses, the first step would be to print and apply new biology textbooks and new course contents for medical/biology/pharmacy students with the new "virus" knowledge.
I think that only the majority of people will understand through self-awareness that viruses in the conventional sense do not exist. Viruses, bacteria or parasites are not to blame for the diseases, because the disease itself is the self-healing effort of the immune system or the house cleaning activity of an organism that has accumulated mucus over decades from which it could not free itself due to lack of fasting, vital food, exercise, sunshine etc.' '



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