10 Biggest Medical Scandals in History

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'When it comes to public health, there’s little margin for error. And when crises break out, the repercussions can be serious, not to say deadly, and linger long in the memory.

From genuine mistakes and media-fueled hysteria, to willful and even malicious deception, medical scandals and other health disasters can be truly devastating. It’s troubling to think that the companies and individuals people turn to when their wellbeing is at stake are far from infallible; indeed, some might even have more sinister agendas in mind.

While legislation and technological advances have helped to stamp out some of these threats, recent high-profile cases show that in the fiercely competitive and profits-driven pharmaceutical industry – and in the arena of public health more widely – these kinds of scandals remain a menace to society. Read on for the 10 biggest medical scandals in history.'

( number 10 MMR  , should not be on the list, it is poorly researched and inaccurate , it may have saved the health and lives of many children while destroying the career of  a researcher who  had honesty and integrity to stand for truth)



 ( 2013)




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What about Bayer, and HIV...?