Green Pass Reject The Emergency Vote At The European Parliament And Ask For A Debate


A relevant comment: 

'Auschwitz I is a 16-foot wide wrought-iron sign that reads “Arbeit Macht Frei” (“work makes one free”).
And the radio tower in Duesseldorf having the phrase “Impfen = Freiheit”.
In both cases a group is being promised freedom as a result of an action.
In the first case occupants of “Auschwitz I” (for those of us who are too young to remember WW2 KZ) to work to be free. Something that did not happen.'
For the second, addressing all the public that will see it, to be vaxed is to be free, something that will not happen.

The illusion that certiciates will open up travel

'But the plan doesn’t preclude certificate-holders from still facing quarantine or testing restrictions — they could even be denied entry. But the draft does require authorities to alert other EU countries and the Commission to any of these restrictions at least three days before they’re introduced, along with a justification, precise scope and duration.'