The first statistics for 2020 indicate that there is no pandemic and there has never been

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Preliminary statistics for the full year of 2020 began to be released.
As usual, the Scandinavian countries, due to their good accounting organization and relatively small population, were among the first to publish these data. Naturally, most of all are interested in data on Sweden, which, by the very fact of its existence, caused a wild bathert among covidobes of all stripes last year.

As they say, everything is learned in comparison. The first graph is the total number of deaths in the country from 1851 to 2020:

The next graph is the number of deaths per 1000 people during the same period.
These data were updated on January 12 by Johan Hellstrom Clinical Exercise Physiologist ( ( )

And here are the timestamps of past epidemics. A small pimp on the right edge is a terrible Covid-19 pandemic.Once

again, just in case, I want to remind you that the data for Sweden, which did not introduce practically any binding restrictions - only recommendations.

And now a very interesting table, in which mortality data for the period from 2010 to 2020
for all Scandinavian countries are reduced to the average values for the period from 2010 to 2019.

Do you see any significant changes in 2020? Me not.

Now to the question of the fact that in Sweden compared to neighboring Norway in the first half of last year, there was a much higher mortality rate. It's true. As it turned out, the explanation
that lay on the surface turned out to be true - yes, people died more often during the rapid spread of infection

in Sweden, but these were elderly people who reached the age at which in these countries usually and the inevitable end of life-80 + comes. Alas, we are all mortal. And their peers in neighboring Scandinavian
countries left either a little earlier - in Sweden the mortality rate in the fall-winter of 2019/2020 was significantly

lower than that of its neighbors, or continued to leave at the end of 2020, while in Sweden in the last weeks of the year the mortality rate is again significant decreased for obvious reasons.

All this directly follows from the work Mortality in Norway and Sweden before and after the Covid-19 outbreak: a cohort study

published in the undertaking (

, which, in particular, says:


"The period leading up to the increased mortality in Sweden during the Covid-19 epidemic, which was characterized by lower mortality rates than usual, may at least in part be related to the mild flu season in winter 2019-20. (40). In addition, after the Covid-19 epidemic, we may see a decline in morbidity and mortality below normal levels in Sweden, as the oldest and fragile have already died. In accordance with the theory of replacing mortality and eliminating the consequences of Covid-19 in Sweden. Figure 1 does indicate a lower than expected mortality rate in Sweden in the last weeks of follow-up in our study.

Our research shows that all-cause mortality during the epidemic was largely unchanged from the previous four years in Norway and Sweden, two countries that used very different strategies to deal with the epidemic. The excess mortality from Covid-19 may be less pronounced than previously thought in Sweden, and the shift in mortality may partly explain the observed results. We hope these findings can pave the way for a less polarized and more open discussion of the pros and cons, with less versus more drastic measures against the Covid-19 epidemic.

I think everyone understands why there has been such a fuss with definitions in recent years - what a pandemic is.
Now it is so vague that it can be said that it no longer exists. Announced means there is. Dot.
The previous definition, which now can only be found in some kind of archival records, since

it was carefully rubbed from everywhere, asserted-

"Pandemic Phase: The novel virus causes unusually high rates of morbidity or mortality; multiple continents are affected.
I think that without translation it is clear why the old definition ceased to suit the authorities and the pharmaceutical business - there is no increased mortality, but I want to make money, since these definitions oblige the participating countries to take appropriate pandemic measures within the framework of previously adopted agreements,

and the main measure against a pandemic is vaccination