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European Commission Proposes COVID Vaccine Green Passes

The European Commission set the world stage for vaccine “digital green certificates” when it released its proposal Wednesday, March 17, 2021, for establishing what the EC called a “coordinated approach” to allow citizens to travel freely around Europe.

According to Politico, “European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen previously said the certificate should not only cover travelers’ vaccinations, but also list their tests or recovery from the virus.”

EU’s COVID travel pass will let countries choose Russia, China vaccines

'The EU's plan to get vaccinated people traveling again — the “digital green certificate” — will leave key decisions up to member countries, including whether to accept the Russian and Chinese vaccines. 

According to the plan released Wednesday, any EU country allowing vaccinated people to skip pandemic-related travel restrictions — such as testing or self-isolation — must accept other countries’ vaccination certificates “under the same conditions.” 

But, it adds, that obligation only extends to EU-approved COVID-19 vaccines, meaning Russia’s Sputnik V and China’s Sinopharm vaccines won't be covered, despite some EU countries, such as Hungary, using them. However, the plan says EU countries “can decide to accept other vaccines in addition.”

Demonstrating how fraught the subject is, Andrea Ammon, the director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, said Tuesday there wasn't enough information yet on how long virus immunity from vaccines or prior infections lasts to justify granting special privileges.

But the plan doesn’t preclude certificate-holders from still facing quarantine or testing restrictions — they could even be denied entry. But the draft does require authorities to alert other EU countries and the Commission to any of these restrictions at least three days before they’re introduced, along with a justification, precise scope and duration.

Open borders?

The certificate “cannot be a pre-condition to exercise free movement rights and cannot ... be a pre-condition to make use of cross-border passenger transport services such as airlines, trains, coaches or ferries,” the plan stresses.

The Commission plan includes an “interoperable test certificate” to improve the acceptance of test results in other EU countries, although it would still be up to the destination countries to determine “for how long a negative test certificate should be considered valid.”

An “interoperable certificate of recovery” is also necessary to make sure patients who had COVID-19, but may continue to test positive despite no longer being infectious, aren’t prevented from traveling, the Commission argues. That certificate should not be issued “sooner than twenty days after the first positive test results,” the plan says.


Proposal for a
on a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable certificates on vaccination, testing and recovery to facilitate free movement during the COVID-19 pandemic (Digital Green Certificate)

Qantas starts first ‘vaccine passport’ trial ahead of border reopening
Patrick Hatch  6 days ago

( the nonsense selling it to the public, nothing new the scam was done for polio and yellow fever in the past)

'COVID test results and proof of vaccine will be required in many countries for quarantine-free travel, just as it has been for polio and yellow fever vaccinations in the past.”

Health providers can send verified test results and vaccination records directly to the CommonPass app, which matches those records against any given country’s entry requirements. The app produces a simple “yes/no” notification to tell airlines and immigration officials whether the traveller is permitted to fly.

Qantas has already used CommonPass – an initiative of the Swiss-based social enterprise Commons Project – for airline crew and will also trial the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Travel Pass app.

Air New Zealand is preparing to trial the IATA app on flights between Auckland and Sydney for three weeks in April.

Qantas is planning for international travel to resume in late October, when it thinks Australia will open the international border following the completion of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.'

As noone has proven that a virus has been purified and isolated , noone knows  what they are testing  for or  let alone make a vaccine for 'it'.
Even the manufacturers , scientists and politicians have said that   a covid 'vaccine '  may decrease the symptoms of 'covid' but does not stop you getting the disease or 'infecting 'others  , the tests are unreliable / useless  so  what exactly is the purpuse of such certificates? 
It seems to have little to do with health. Noone knows how often you need vaccines or booster , if it offers any protections for 'variants',  the adverse reactions  not only of experimental ' vaccines' but frequently repeat injections and the interections of the different ingredients in the injections when they runout of one type and need to take a different type, it is all pure experimental.

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