The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified ,Virologists ,from Dr. Stefan Lanka

The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified
Virologists who claim disease-causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted from Dr. Stefan Lanka


Science and scientificness are important instruments that help to identify and solve challenges. Science has very clear rules: Whoever makes claims must prove them clearly, comprehensibly and verifiably. Only statements that are verifiable may be called scientific, everything else falls within the realm of faith. The facts of faith must not be presented as scientifically proven facts in order to derive or justify governmental measures.
Scientific statements must be refutable, falsifiable in order to be allowed to claim them as scientific facts. The first and written duty of every scientist is to strictly check his own statements, to try to refute them. Only in the case that this refutation is not successful and this failure is clearly documented by control experiments, a statement may be called
All corona measures issued by governments and subordinate authorities are ultimately regulated by law, in Germany the Infection Protection Act (IfSG), but are only seemingly legitimized by it and not justified. With § 1 ifSG, for example, the target provision "scientifically" subjects all participants in Germany to the rules of science. The most important rule of science is the documented and unsuccessful attempt to prove the statement that is presented as true and scientific. All scientific rules are preceded by adherence to the laws of thought and logic. If these are disregarded or violated, the scientific statement is disproved as well as by a successful control experiment.

The meaning and choice of words in all publications on all pathogenic viruses proves that the virologists not only violated the laws of thought, logic and binding rules of science, but also refuted the existence claims about pathogenic viruses themselves. If one has taken off the hypnotic anxiety glasses and reads objectively with reason what the authors do and write, every interested person who is able to read English and has acquired knowledge of the methods used will find out that these virologists (except those who work with phages and the phage-like viruses) misinterpret normal gene sequences as vital components and thus have disproved their whole field of expertise. This is particularly easy to see in the case of the assertions of the existence of the alleged SArS-
CoV-2 virus.
Since these virologists have clearly violated the laws of thought, logic and the rules of scientific work with their statements and by their actions, they can be colloquially described as science cheats. But since science fraud does not occur in criminal law and there are no precedents for it, I suggest and will do this myself, to have the employment fraud of virologists - pretending to be scientific but acting and arguing anti- scientifically - established in court and in criminal law. The responsible governmental authorities are called upon to prosecute these anti-scientific employment fraudsters in order to prevent them from doing anti-scientific and, as a consequence, anti-social and dangerous things. From the moment that a first court of law establishes the facts outlined below and convicts the first virologist of employment fraud, the end of the corona crisis will be heralded and sealed by the court and the global corona crisis will turn out to be an opportunity for all.



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What is this disease causing agent? One my family member was tested positive, because of symptoms, all members had symptoms and were sick in next two weeks. This was not flu, or something bacterial, i can recognise flu... So what was the cause? When i had flu few years ago, nobody other got sick... This was much more aggresive. What has escaped from lab in China? I think this my formulation is short and clear...

1 – Deer Island – 150 U.S. Public Health Service Experiments from 1919 prove that disease is not transmittable:


The Germ Theory Deception – Viruses, 5G , Vaccines, ‘coronavirus’, PCR test


“Group Healing” – “Contagiousness”:

In this section we have had the nutritionist Aajonus Vonderplanitz explaining that if the body is toxic then colds and flus will be created by the body if the climate and temperature are right, to cleanse it. He also mentions about how they can be cyclical. Here in Europe we have the cold and flu season each year. All animals bodies are stimulated in different ways by the climate and seasons… for example – to produce eggs, to molt, to grow new fur and feathers etc etc. These are not conscious acts from these animals. Why would we be any different?

From a metaphysical perspective: There is also the unseen, we also have an aura and we emit frequencies/energies…. When we are cleansing and detoxing, then our bodies most likely send off a certain frequency, if others around us are sympathetic and or empathetic to those frequencies then their red blood cells might also decide to activate a virus to cleanse, detox and heal. There is an unseen intelligence that runs through all of life, our cells seem to know if they need to detox and can be stimulated by other peoples energy to start the process.

Dr. William P. Trebing says this in the book Good-Bye Germ Theory:

“The Human body’s energy fields are more powerful than most can even imagine. When one Human body is detoxing, an almost magnetic effect radiates out from such individuals causing the same purifying effects in the immediate environment of people around them. We are not witnessing epidemics or contagious infections; we are witnessing a group healing process which is totally natural to our species.”

We can also perhaps compare it to how women all living in the same house synchronise their menstrual cycles.

This, from the video ‘Germ Theory Deception Part 2’, can also help us understand what is occurring – Alex Loglia reciting the work of Dr. Bill Holub:

“What is really happening with these supposed epidemics is the following. Actually the word epidemic from the Greek, means literally on or at and people. And means something that happens to people as a group all at once – NOT a slow contagion. The actual epidemic process is very simple – remember that everyone already has their daily compliment of germs and remember also a large population of people, such as a town or a region of a city, is continually being exposed to the same environmental hazards all at the same time. For example large numbers of people are exposed to the same weather changes, water quality changes, pesticides, foods and water, contaminated food of a fast food chain, bad news in the media, batches of drugs and medication, holiday moods, air quality changes and many other toxic insults. 

The, quote on quote, group healing reaction to these toxic challenges is what you are seeing when people start coughing, sneezing or whatever. They are not catching it from each other. They are experiencing it with others. In addition, at many levels, we are all connected. About the only thing that is catching about all of this is paranoia. After all, medicine has had about a century to literally instil the fear of germs into our culture. So people fear the germs in the air, in the water – they fear germs from touching people, which, in turn leads to our general fear of people. When they read or see reports about infections going around, so to speak, the fear, paranoia and anticipation has been shown to lower ‘immunity’ and precipitate illness – now isn’t that interesting. Our self imposed stress about holidays has the same effect.”


Dismantling the virus theory

Deep Down virus rabbit hole

If Viruses Can’t Cross Species, Bodies or Be ‘Caught’, Then What Happens When One Person Appears to ‘Catch’ the Flu from Someone Else?

This is the key question. If viruses really are completely different than what almost all of us have been taught to believe, how can we explain apparent viral contagions or viral infections? Are they real? Well, certainly many people have experienced getting sick right after being around other people who were sick. The real issue is how? One possible answer is that the terrain of the recipient was lowered at the point of infection, whether because they were worried or anxious they would get sick (fear lowers the immune system), had the thought they would get sick (and unconsciously gave that thought power) or developed some kind of emotional entrainment or frequency match with the sick person. It’s all about creating a frequency lock. In life, we all have strong and weak moments; in those weaker moments we become more susceptible to disease. The great genius Nikola Tesla said that “The day that science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” He also said that “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Possible ways we may get sick include exposure to toxins, mental causes, emotional causes, renewal/detoxification or via shock. Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (founder of German New Medicine) established that “every disease is caused by a conflict shock that catches an individual completely off guard” and made it his first biological law.

Is catching disease not about “evil germs out to infect us” but rather about our mental and emotional state, our immune system, our microbiome and our susceptibility?





Yes, but as a result, it does not deny existence of virus as a pathogen that can be involved in manifestation of disease/part of process and that human-to-human can transmission can works - whether the result really happens depends on the state of the person's terrain and other factors not only on presence of patogen itself… This is my interpretation...

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It is a well-known fact that if one child gets smallpox in a kindergarten, soon all the ones who did not have it before will be sick if they didn´t have it before or had a vaccination. It is known as one of the most contagious diseases in the world. How do you explain this if there is no virus?

A section from 32 minutes mentions chemical poisoning and especially the military grade millimeter waves (EMF/5G) as being likely culprits in many of the covid symptoms which disrupt the water in our bodies. At around minute 47 childhood diseases like measles as part of a ‘maturation process’ like the snake who is vulnerable when shedding it’s skin.
Minute 27 how variants are created.

Another possible explanation

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. Shot at the Health And Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020.

dr Lanka how vruses are created  based on a belief system