Virus Theory a mental construct-Dr Stefan Lanka

How dead are virus anyway?- All claims of Virus Existence Refuted
Wissenschafftplus Magazin 03/2020 - Dr Stefan Lanka molecular and marine biologist

Foundation of virology destroyed by the court
Stefan Lanka: Particularly explosive is the fact that one of the six publications presented represents the sole basis of both measles and the entire field of virology. The decision confirmed by the BGH of the OLG Stuttgart of 16th February 2016, deprives the entire virology, including the corona hype, of its foundation, because all virologists refer to this single publication, which German jurisdiction states does not contain any evidence of a virus. Now it is time to put this jurisprudence on viruses into practice.

Errors of reasoning of the renowned virologists
Die Wurzel: Everywhere in the media, especially since Corona, one hears from the most renowned virologists, such as Dr. Drosten from the Charité or Prof. Streeck from Heinsberg, how they hold an allegedly living virus responsible for all kinds of diseases. Why do virologists believe in viruses although there are no viruses in living tissue and cells?
Stefan Lanka: These and other virologists do not claim that viruses are alive, but that the biochemically dead viral genome (i.e. the virus) is capable of infection. Like all virologists, they argue that a virus has no metabolism of its own and is biochemically dead. At best, they say that gene snippets of the viruses1 are found everywhere (not only on doorknobs), which are not capable of infection. In their eyes, only the entire viral genome strand (the whole virus) is capable of infection, but a part of the virus (i.e. a gene snippet) is not. At the same time, they conceal their greatest professional secret that they have never found a complete viral genome strand (i.e. complete virus).

Virologists confirm: Viruses are biochemically dead!
Stefan Lanka: Not only the above-mentioned virologists, but all virologists define that a virus has no metabolism of its own and is biochemically dead.
However, how something dead can develop the power to enter the organism through the dermis, corium and fascia of the organs, the lining of the vessels and against the flow of mucus of the mucous membranes, in order to pass through the tough connective tissue mass (which surrounds all cells) is no longer an open question, but a refuted myth that has evolved throughout our history.

Virology had already disproved itself in 1951
Stefan Lanka: 
They also overlooked the fact that medical virology disproved itself in 1951. And they overlooked the fact that from 1952 onwards a new idea of virology developed, the gene- strand virus idea, which however is based on a misinterpretation concerning bacteria and cannot be transferred to humans, animals or
1 Snippets of the viruses = virus fragments
2 The theory of cellular pathology from 1858plants. See my Misconception" WissenschafftPlus 1/2020 (cover see page 21).

Misinterpreted viruses are meaningful mini sperm
Stefan Lanka: 
These small structures have the function (like mini sperm) of making their nucleic acid.These small structures are very easy to isolate, photograph and to examine biochemically. Since 1952, clueless young virologists (who did not know that and why the old virology had given up) BELIEVED that the viruses claimed in humans and animals looked and were constructed like the "phages" (mini sperm of bacteria).

Dying tissue does not transform into viruses
Stefan Lanka: 
The "wirrologists" (confusion-ologists) only mentally assemble a model of a virus from short fragments of decayed tissues and cells, which in reality does not exist 

Virologists refuse control experiments
Stefan Lanka: Therefore, genetic virus tests only detect the body's own sequences. Since the test only shows "positive" if there are sufficient gene fragments in the sample quantity to be tested, this explains why there are also negative test results.

Many scientists work unscientifically!

Citizen control over science and politics
Stefan Lanka: Just this much: from the democratic point of view, politics and science can only function if the client, i.e. every citizen, knows what is going on, that is to say, controls the processes and the people in charge.
Applied to State structures, the Prince of Liechtenstein recognised this and formulated it in his book "The State in the Third Millennium". He calls for self-administration of all areas of the State (where possible) in small structures, because the superordinate structures always lose the overview and their administration is inefficient and always too expensive.

Viruses cannot multiply
Stefan Lanka: In humans and animals, the constant build-up and breakdown takes place silently and quietly, as tissues and cells are broken down into small components on site and then reprocessed for further use in the organs7 intended for this purpose, such as the liver.
The term ‘virus’ must not be used any longer. It is misleading, subject to misinterpretation

Viral genetic strands are a mental construct
Stefan Lanka: they also interpret the short pieces of nucleic acid as components of their presumed viruses. From these nucleic acid fragments8 they mentally construct the viral genome strands which do not exist in reality. However, since sequence analysts, when analysing human chromosomes, find these supposedly viral sequences within the sequences of the chromosomes, they claim that more than 50% of our chromosomes consist of virus genes.

Exaggerated and invented killing ability of "viruses”
Stefan Lanka: The author Seamus O'Mahony, who wrote the important book "Can Medicine be Cured?" in 2019, refers centrally to Ivan Illich and comes to the conclusion that medicine cannot heal itself of it’s own accord and is becoming increasingly destructive.

Corona as a chance, as a catalyst for change
Stefan Lanka: Corona is an opportunity for all people and for all areas, not only in the fields of viruses, medicine, politics and economics.

Virus theory for profit reasons
Die Wurzel: I believe that the pharmaceutical industry wants to maintain the virus theory in the way it has been believed since time immemorial, otherwise it would lose billions in sales (drug/vaccine sales losses). In order to convey a new understanding of viruses, the first step would be to print and apply new biology textbooks and new course contents for medical/biology/pharmacy students with the new "virus" knowledge.
I think that only the majority of people will understand through self-awareness that viruses in the conventional sense do not exist. Viruses, bacteria or parasites are not to blame for the diseases, because the disease itself is the self-healing effort of the immune system or the house cleaning activity of an organism that has accumulated mucus over decades from which it could not free itself due to lack of fasting, vital food, exercise, sunshine etc.

Between panic and deeper understanding
Stefan Lanka: After all, humanity is now only faced with the alternative of "self-destruction through fear and insanity" or "deeper understanding, taking into account the other levels and insights of causes and interactions that have been suppressed by primitive materialism" and acting accordingly. 
We have to take care not to establish a new dogmatism again, because many "spiritual" as well as "material" aspects still have to be worked into this developing system of knowledge,
The most important thing I learned from a doctor10 is that we must always remember that our ideas may be outdated again tomorrow.

"Living" and "dead" vaccines
Stefan Lanka: So: the idea of pathogenic viruses is dead and so is that of vaccination, so the question of "dead" or "alive" is not only misleading, but it is as wrong as the whole concept.

Corona virus consensus a few mouse clicks
Stefan Lanka: It is Prof. Christian Drosten from the Charité, who revolutionised bioinformatics in virology and completely replaced laboratory work.
In 2003, during the SARS panic, which he was instrumental in creating, he was able to offer a test for this fiction just two days after the claim that the genetic strand of the allegedly new SARS virus had been reconstructed. He was substantially involved in the swine flu and ZIKA12 terror and became faster and faster even than his shadow...

Corona gene sequences in every living being
Stefan Lanka: They claim this because they find sequences in snakes that also appear in the corona model. But what they are not telling us is that in every living being the same sequences appear from which corona and all the other viral genetic strands were constructed mentally. This explains why papayas also test “positive." This is an important message of Corona: Everything and everything is positive!
it is clear that the so-called genetic detection methods for viruses (PCR tests), which only detect the presence of very short sequences, everything and everyone, even a tree, can be tested "positive". This is nothing but dangerous science fiction in action.

Decomposition processes as a basis for biology and medicine
Stefan Lanka: We have the situation not only in vaccination, but in biology and medicine as a whole, that processes of dying and decay in the test tube are misinterpreted as models of life. And this is only one of several points why biologists and medical doctors in the system of the dominant opinion of cellular pathology since 1858 have not been able to make reasonable and helpful statements about life, health, disease and recovery.

Virology disproved twice
Stefan Lanka: For two reasons:

Firstly, control experiments were carried out which proved that what used to be interpreted as viruses (allegedly dangerous proteins, as is still claimed to be the case with some bacteria despite better knowledge) is also released during the decomposition of completely healthy organisms or their organs. And that nothing could be seen or found under the electron microscope.
Secondly, because it became known that proteins cannot reproduce themselves.
This ignorance continues to this day and led to the Corona crisis. Today's virologists don't question the fact that they can't find viruses and viral genetic material. They are also don't question the fact that they always and constantly only mentally assemble the genomes of the viruses (the genetic strands of the viruses) from short pieces and then present them as reality.

Ending the Corona Crisis Democratically
Stefan Lanka: Nowhere in biology and medicine is it as clear as in virology that a purely mental construct is presented as an existing fact. When a majority of the population has understood this... it will end the Corona crisis by democratic means. So please distribute this interview on "Virus Come Out."


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