There is an enormous production of medical research in the world today. No single person has the ability to be updated on all the extremely interesting discoveries being done. There is also a movement towards stricter and stricter criteria┬┤s for what kind of articles and research discoveries that can be accepted into mainstream medicine through the use of the concept "evidence based medicine". Fear of new medical catastrophes like the Thalidomid and Vioxx events have increased the demands of pre-clinical and clinical testing, and there by costs, before a new cure can be released officially.

At the same time, there is and increasing tendency towards cuttings in Publicly funded research budgets. These factors have made the destiny of our medical future become more and more dependent on the grace of a few rich and wealthy, who in most cases wants a return of their investments. Many interesting and potentially life-saving treatment simply never get a chance to take off because of lack of possible short term economic investment return. Medical Science is also in most counties a very hierarchical system where new and revolutionary thinking can be more of a problem, than and asset in terms of career possibilities and reputation, resulting in a culture of conformism and limited freedom of thought for medical professionals. This and many other bureaucratic and prejudice factors have created a mistrust in the medical system form the public, that has among else been manifested in an increasing interest in "alternative medicine", where there among many sincere and honest practitioners also are many charlatans and swindlers, trying to profit from peoples hope and ignorance.

Medic Debate want to make an effort towards re-establishing the credibility of mainstream medicine by using the power of collective intelligence. There is only one entity that can comprehend all the medical information that is presented every day in the world, and that is everyone. In the long run, we also aim towards creating a research fund, where everyone can decide where the research money in the fund will go. You are hereby invited to take part in this attempt of establishing of a thotoughly E-valuated, un-prejudiced medicine. You can participate by adding article summaries and original articles, by reading, rating and commenting articles and by recommending this site to your friends and colleagues. You will get points for each activity you do, which if you like, you can use in your CV. If you do not want to use your real name, it is OK to use a nick-name. In the beginning, membership will be free, but after a start-up period, you can only earn points and do ratings if you provide proof of your identity, in order to prevent double voting and fraud. This project has just started, and you are welcome to contribute either financially, or by helping improving and marketing the site. Contributing members will have the right to decide how the site shall develop, and where future collected money will be spent. Our idea is to create an bottom-up decision making alternative to the many medical charity organizations that exists today in the health field. Please contact if you have any questions or positive ideas.