2 U.S. Healthcare Workers Suffer Allergic Reaction toPfizer COVID Vaccine. How Many More Are at Risk?

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An Alaska woman with no prior history of allergies was hospitalized after she went into anaphylactic shockminutes after receiving the vaccine.
By Children's Health Defense Team: 12/17/20

Two days after the first COVID-19 vaccine was administered in the U.S. — to a healthcare worker in Long Island, New York — two healthcare workers in Alaska who received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine experienced allergicreactions. One of those, a woman with no prior history of allergies, suffered an anaphylactic reaction and spent atleast two nights in the hospital. The reactions, similar
to those experienced on Dec. 8, shortly after rollout of the same Pfizer vaccine in the UK,raise renewed concerns about the potential for life-threatening reactions to the vaccine.

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