An Important Message About Covid 19 Vaccines and PCR Tests from Dolores Cahill

From Sky News Australia with comments from Dolores Cahill
In Australia, a COVID19 vaccine trial has been stopped as the participants tested POSITIVE for HIV.
This raises some serious questions...
... is there HIV RNA in any or all the vaccines?
... ARE there other virus fragments in this vaccine or other vaccines? ... need to be checked there is no fragments such as Ebola, or other virus or RNA or mRNA etc.
... if the vaccines contain HIV, or other viruses, then who is liable for vaccinated people who must report HIV status as being positive to their employers...
... being HIV positive after the vaccine, means they could not donate blood, etc ....
.... how will this affect HIV status in the future, how will people know whether they have HIV from being infected or from the vaccine?
.... will people be getting treated as HIV positive... and it will be from the vaccine?
.... getting a HIV positive test after a Vaccine would affect a Vaccinated persons’ insurance status and potentially work and employment status
.... All other vaccines need to be checked .... do we know there are not HIV fragment expressed in the vaccine....
.... those vaccinated are HIV positive... how did this happen?
.... could the vaccinated people be HIV positive... how do we know these are false positives?
.... if those who received the vaccine are positive on the HIV tests.... does this mean the HIV proteins are expressed?
... are there mRNA fragments in this vaccine?
.... what about other vaccines?
.... I (Dolores Cahill) said in my speeches since November 2020 .... that a high level whistleblower had informed me there was HIV was found in some PCR tests... before they were ever used... everyone who has had a vaccine and everyone who has been PCR tested should be checked for HIV tests, they should also be tested for other viruses ..
... I, Dolores Cahill, have been calling for a Repository of every batch of every vaccine and of every PCR test
This is why, I Dolores Cahill have been calling for independent REPOSITORIES of every batch of PCR test kits and every batch of Vaccines.
People HIV positive after COVID19 vaccine raises many Questions:
.... I Dolores Cahill had said in my speeches that I had received reports from an assessment laboratory whistleblower saying some of the PCR tests in the U.K. we’re testing positive for HIV - before being used ...i.e. new tests, not used, were positive for HIV
... the reports from the whistleblower was concerned HIV or other viruses or virus fragments or RNA could be in the vaccines or PCR tests .... this is why I, Dolores Cahill, was saying we could have committees for COVID21 or now HIV21 or Ebola21 or Plague21 ...
.... this is why I have been calling for a REPOSITORY of examples from EVERY BATCH of EVERY one of these vaccines to check this for the future. I, Dolores Cahill, would be willing to coordinate such a Repository, as all these vaccines need to be forensically looked at and analysed ...
.... this is why I, Dolores Cahill, have been calling for a repository of all vaccines to check what is in the vaccines to assess the future impact of these vaccines over generations and to assess adverse events. I would be willing to assist in developing such Repositories


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