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The Covid 19 situation has shown very clearly that here is a small group of influential businessmen and world leaders manipulating the world in a totalitarian direction, suppressing free speech, manipulating media, science and political decisions with the help of Covid 19, even forcing people to receive Covid "Vaccines" against their will. They are using Covid 19 as a tool to achieve other means. It can be clearly demonstrated by how they have been trying to suppress all possible proven treatments that do not align with the interests of the medical-industrial-complex, like Ivermectine, Hydroxychloroquin, Zink, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Quercitin, Chlorine Dioxide etc. The reason for this supression is that if there is an approved treatment for Covid 19, there can be no emergency authorization for the "vaccines", which would spoil the whole plan for the medical Industry.

They have even sponsored fake studies in the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine and have been giving toxic dosis of hydroxychlroquine in order to prove that it is as dangerous as they have falsely stated in media, contrary to 70 years of experience treating millions of people without major issues. They don´t want to share how Bolivia did solve a big part of the Covid epidemy by using Chlorine Dioxide  and how the state of Uttar Pradesh in India reduced Covid 19 mortality to virtually zero with the help of Ivermectine.

They simply don’t want a solution to the problem. That would spoil their criminal agenda.
The CDC of the USA and Anthony Fauci also sponsored gain of function research on Corona Viruses which was moved to Wuhan in China when it was disallowed in the US because of protests from researchers. They are also making false propganda stating that Covid "vaccines" are safe and effectivevaccines, when they in fact are unapproved, untested gene-modifying pharmaceuticals, that have been proven to be neither safe, nor effective, with an international death toll far above 100 000 people, more likely counted in terms of millions. There are also >100 000 reports about disabilitis like paralysis and other neurological, psychiatric and autoimmune caused by the injections. There is a great increase in spontanous abortions among vaccinated pregnant women, and a in October 2021 a 47% increase of deaths among vaccinated 15-19 year olds in the UK. The real numbers are very likely to be much higher, as far from all side effects and deaths are reported.

On top of that, almost every nurse or doctor who has not informed their patients about these facts, but have instead false claimed that the injections are safe and effective. Many employers, schools, universities and state institutions have also been forcing their staff and students to get vaccinated against their will, without taking responsibility for the possible fatal/disabling consequences.

To give these injections without informed consent, and to coerce or force persons who are dependent on the perpetrator to participate in this gigantic medical experiment is a clear violation of the declaration of Helsinki and the Nuremberg code, and can be punished by jail sentence and even capital punishment in severe cases.

It is time for us to stand up and say no to this, and to put the responsible persons behind this mega crime too justice.

Therefore we now invite you all to share all instances of breaking the Helsinki Declaration and the Nuremberg code on this website, and to inform the perpetrators about their suspected crime, and that they all will become prosecuted according to law in due time, when the betrayal has been revealed and our court system has been reclaimed to work for the people, and not for the corrupted elite.

All the funds entering into this campaign will go into a transparent foundation where we will also decide together how the funds will be used best to serve our cause. Our goal is to arrange a new International trial before the end of 2022!

Many Lawyers such as Robert F Kennedy Junior and Rainer Fuellmich are currently making 
court cases in order to address this corruption.
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No one shall be able to escape, and they shall know it!
We need your participation and donations in order to achieve this!

The Peoples Court Team