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• GcMAF is a safe, natural human protein, and a human right. Its inside 5 billion people.
• Cancer and 50 other diseases block its production in the body (with the poison of nagalase).
• 11,500 patients have taken it
• 9,000 successes. When it fails, GcMAF just does nothing.
• 400 doctors support it
240 doctors obtained GcMAF directly from us, and about 100 recommended GcMAF. We have contact details.
We were 1% the cost of chemotherapy, but gave it away free to those who couldn’t afford it.

• There are over 1,000 GcMAF research papers on Google Scholar
• 300 scientists have written 150 peer reviewed scientific research papers, published in the worlds top scientific journals.
• We had 4 scientists, the most senior being Professor Marco Ruggiero MD, 7 doctors, two ultrasound staff, 4 nurses, and admin staff, when the MHRA closed us down.
GcMAF successfully treats all tumour cancers, which is 90% of cancers
75% of terminal stage IV patients lives saved in our clinics.

The American National Library of Medicine, or Pubmed has 70 GcMAF papers peer reviewed for the second time:
Here is a quick proof of GcMAF (you only need read the abstract at the top of each research paper):


12659668 The Journal Neoplasia, 2003
• By seven cancer research institutes from three nations
• It lists six attacks of GcMAF on cancer, more than any other molecule.

20976141 The Journal PlosOne 2010 by three USA cancer institutes
• Another three attacks on cancer by GcMAF.

15084979 Pancreas Journal:  2004 GcMAF shrinks pancreatic tumours, by cancer cell suicide, and preventing creation of arteries in tumours.
Pancreatic carcinogenesis: apoptosis and angiogenesis.

In our clinics GcMAF saved all Pancreatic patients with a week or two to live, and they had no symptoms of the disease after 3 months.

20855083 Journal of Surgical Research 2010
• by five of Japan’s cancer research institutes, including the prestigious Atomic Bomb Biomedical Institute of Nagasaki University
• GcMAF reduces liver cancer tumours by 90% in three weeks; picture in page 4; antiangiogenetic activity (cancer tumour cannot grow above 1 mm) and it kills tumours.

Immuno Biotech Ltd (IBL) has 33 GcMAF scientific research papers from 2013 to 2014, all peer-reviewed and published in top scientific journals. See www.gcmaf.se
24982371 Anticancer Research Journal 2014. University of Florence, Immuno Biotech. Gcmaf reduces tumours by 25% in the first week. Similar results across 40 clinic patients.

IBL’s GcMAF (Goleic) became the first treatment in history to turn off the HER2 oncogene, a mutated gene found in 20% of breast cancer patients that perpetually generates cancer throughout the patient’s short life. A 60 year old woman was terminal stage 4, with a large breast cancer which had penetrated her pectoral muscle, and was inoperable. The Careggi Hospital tested her and found the HER2 oncogene, so she was going to die very quickly. After 3 weeks at our Lausanne clinic on our Goleic GcMAF, she returned to Careggi; the doctors were astounded to see the tumour was now surrounded buy pus (normal for GcMAF), and had come out of the muscle. They easily operated and plucked it out. She was tested again for HER2; doctors were astonished to find she was clear. She went from terminal stage, 4 with no hope, to cancer free in 4 weeks. In May 2019 she is still cancer free and very fit.
25675551 Anticancer Research 2014 conference in Greece.
• HER2 before and after biopsies stored at Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy.

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The worlds only survivor from Ovarian HGSC peritoneal cancer: YouTube.com search Teri Davis Newman. 3 years later she’s still fit as a fiddle.
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