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Letter of Notification to anyone requiring a vaccin mandate.


This a letter of notification you can give to anyone putting pressure on you take the untested and dengerous mRNA medications currently misleadingly called Covid 19 "vaccines". Also remember to post the name and photo of the perpetrator and what he/she has done on

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No Virus Isolation


Prof. Christian Drosten: We have never succeeded in isolating viruses in cell cultures !


On 5 December 2020, Prof. Streeck still said that he had isolates in the fridge, but he was never able to produce them, not even for the 1.5 million euros we had advertised.


On 09.05.2021, six months later, Prof. Drosten confirmed that they had never succeeded in isolating the virus. 


Are Viruses Even A Scientific Theory?


The “Settling the Virus Debate” statement has already caused a few shockwaves.

In this video we’ll explore:

* What the statement actually says

* Why virology is not consistent with the scientific method

Canadian Vaxxed Doctors Dropping Dead After 4th Booster Mandate

Doctors are executing themselves in Canada, & the Covid-19 Vaccine is pulling the trigger.

Odessa Orlewicz joins to announce the 6th doctor to die in Canada after his second booster. The remaining doctors who refused this injection have been stripped from their jobs, leaving a death sentence for all medical doctors still employed.

This needs to end NOW.

From The Hague. International Trials Day One -Crimes Against Humanity

What About Rabies?


Plaintiffs Await ‘Their Day in Court’ as Judicial Panel Consolidates Dozens of Lawsuits Against Merck’s HPV Gardasil Vaccine


A judicial panel Thursday consolidated more than 31 lawsuits against Merck for injuries allegedly caused by its Gardasil HPV vaccine, rejecting Merck’s argument that doing so would increase vaccine hesitancy, spread misinformation about vaccines and cause a flood of ‘meritless’ injur

Vaccine Adverse events, German data


Turbo-Cancer - We have a problem.


Virus Destruction by Resonance


WORLD PREMIERE: These Little Ones

When is an ISOLAT an ISOLAT !? (Wann ist ein ISOLAT ein ISOALT - with english subtitles)


"When is an ISOLAT an ISOLAT !?

The second video on VirusTHEORY is devoted to "virus" isolation and claimed isolates. It shows where the approach of virology deviates from the clearly established scientific guidelines, and that the isolates claimed by virology are NOT isolates.

Is it important? (Ist es wichtig? - with english subtitles)

Multiple laboratories confirm again: NO VIRUS present !

The cytopathic effect falsely attributed to viruses is NOT caused by a "virus" - as claimed - but by the experimental setup itself


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