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The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness


LA JOLLA—Scientists have known for a while that SARS-CoV-2’s distinctive “spike” proteins help the virus infect its host by latching on to healthy cells. Now, a major new study shows that the virus spike proteins (which behave very differently than those safely encoded by vaccines) also play a key role in the disease itself.
The paper, published on April 30, 2021, in Circulation Research, also shows conclusively that COVID-19 is a vascular disease, demonstrating exactly how the SARS-CoV-2 virus damages and attacks the vascular system on a cellular level. The findings help explain COVID-19’s wide variety of seemingly unconnected complications, and could open the door for new research into more effective therapies.

Vacinnets påverkan på kvinnors menstruation och fertilitet.


Det är helt ofattbart hur detta vaccin som de är så angelägna om att alla ska ta.

Här är en direktlänk till en video som tar upp frågan om vad vaccinet har för effekter på kvinnors menstruation och fertilitet.

Questions about the va*ccines effects on women's menstru*al cycles and fert!lity (bitchute.com)

The active role of spermatozoa in transgenerational inheritance


The active uptake of exogenous nucleic acids by spermatozoa of virtually all animal species is a well-established phenomenon whose significance has long been underappreciated. A growing body of published data demonstrates that extracellular vesicles released from mammalian somatic tissues pass an RNA-based flow of information to epididymal spermatozoa, thereby crossing the Weismann barrier. That information is delivered to oocytes at fertilization and affects the fate of the developing progeny.

The reverse transcriptase model of somatic hypermutation.


The evidence supporting the reverse transcriptase model of somatic hypermutation is critically reviewed. The model provides a coherent explanation for many apparently unrelated findings. We also show that the somatic hypermutation pattern in the human BCL-6 gene can be interpreted in terms of the reverse transcriptase model and the notion of feedback of somatically mutated sequences to the germline over evolutionary time.

Endogenous LINE-1 reverse transcriptase activity in platelets controls translational events through RNA-DNA hybrids


This study shows that we have own-made (endogenous) reverse transcriptase that can influence the properties of blood platelets(thrombocytes) through interaction with their DNA.

SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome


This study gives evidence to the hypothesis that RNA from Covid 19 can be transcribed into the human genome through the use of so-called reverse transcriptase. This also means that the so-called vaccines most likely can be seen as possible gene modifying agents.

Generation of biologically active retro-genes upon interaction of mouse spermatozoa with exogenous DNA


This study on mice shows how mRNA from ie mRNA vaccines can be incorporated in the sperm production cells, spermatozoas giving rise to DNA/Gene modifications in the next generation on mice. In this case a gene coding for a protein called EGFP was introduced in the next generation of mice.

no jab for me

This is an excellent summary of the whole Covid 19 agenda with links to all the cited information inside. Please share with everyone you know!

Universal Mask Wearing -A Hazard for Humanity and Life on this Planet - High Risk of Cross-Infection -Should be Stopped Immediately

Not only are masks ineffective ( see reference listed) but there is a very high risk of cross -infection and cross- contamination as most people , including health professionals ( unless they work in a surgical or dental setting)  are not used to wearing masks  on a regular bases .

Doctor Offers FREE Book to the Public on Curing Respiratory Virus Infections through Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulization

Dr. Levy states:

The entire intent of this book is to make it clear that nearly all acute viral syndromes are curable, especially those contracted via the respiratory route, and rapidly so. This includes COVID and any future pathogens that may emerge from mutation or from a laboratory.

That’s a pretty bold statement, but his book includes over 600 citations from peer-reviewed medical journals to back up his claim.

Sammanfattande Fakta om covid 19 och vad som måste göras


2021-04-22. Fakta om covid 19 och vad som måste göras

1. Någon pandemi finns inte Grunden till WHO:s proklamation var PCR-test och prognoser om extremt många sjuka och döda. Ingendera av punkterna är adekvata, någon pandemi i egentlig mening finns sålunda inte.

2. Testerna är missvisande De så kallade PCR-tester som används för diagnos, är oanvändbara för ändamålet. I princip kan alla positiva provsvar vara falska. Denna form av testande måste därför upphöra.

Paris prosecutors seek involuntary manslaughter charges over AstraZeneca deaths

Paris prosecutors are taking on and combining into an involuntary manslaughter probe three separate investigations over deaths of three people who were given the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine in France, they said Wednesday.

Prosecutors specialised in leading complex investigations into health products will take on the preliminary probes already opened after complaints were filed in Toulouse, Paris and Nantes.

The initial investigations had been carried out by regional prosecutors.

Pfizer withdraws application for Covid-19 vaccine emergency use in India after regulator requests more data

Pfizer says it has withdrawn a request to have its Covid-19 vaccine authorized for use in India. The company has promised to resubmit the application once it gathers more data.

The US-based drug-maker said that the decision was taken after a meeting with an expert panel from India’s state regulator on Wednesday.

Reasons not to take the covid 19 Jab

1. Vaccine Makers Are Immune From Liability

2. The Checkered Past of the Vaccine Companies

3. The Ugly History of Attempts to Make Coronavirus Vaccines 

4. The 'Data Gaps' Submitted to the FDA by the Vaccine Makers

5. No Access to the Raw Data From the Trials

6. No Long-Term Safety Testing

7. No Informed Consent