Natural cures for periodontal disease: Vitamin C and quercetin

Natural cures for periodontal disease: Vitamin C and quercetin

Taking a combination of vitamin C and quercetin can reduce inflammation and keep the gums healthy more effectively than just taking vitamin C alone.
Together, these two key supplements can cause a more powerful effect against inflammation and cell damage, reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, cancer, and premature death.

The Relationship between Vitamin C and Periodontal Diseases: A Systematic Review- 2019 Jul 11

The vitamin C intake and blood levels were negatively related to periodontal disease in all seven cross-sectional studies. The subjects who suffer from periodontitis presented a lower vitamin C intake and lower blood-vitamin C levels than the subjects without periodontal disease in the two case-control studies. The patients with a lower dietary intake or lower blood level of vitamin C showed a greater progression of periodontal disease than the controls.

The intervention using vitamin C administration improved gingival bleeding in gingivitis, but not in periodontitis. Alveolar bone absorption was also not improved. The present systematic review suggested that vitamin C contributes to a reduced risk of periodontal disease.





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