Air Pollution, Biodiesel, Glyphosate , 5G, Vaccines and Covid-19- Part 1

 Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons?


COVED-19 virus fake 
by Jim West- November 6 , 2020


 All COVID-19 epicenters suffer long-term air pollution. 

The essential toxicological controls are missing for all investigations (laboratory, clinical diagnoses, epidemiology, conjecture, opinion, journalism).

This gross omission invalidates COVID-19 virus theory. 

Simplicity -Air pollution is the simple and obvious explanation for respiratory disease. Everyone knows this from personal experience. 

Complexity- Virus theory.
(Characterization and Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel Coronavirus, Coronavirus HKU1, from Patients with Pneumonia- Patrick C. Y. Woo, Susanna K. P. Lau, [...], and Kwok-yung Yuen J Virol, 2005 Jan (
-Flaws in Coronavirus Pandemic Theory-David Crowe-Version 8.5. June 6, 2020

Defeat any virus argument by merely asking for the toxicology studies.



COVID-19: Finding the Environmental Trigger- by Jim West, April 2020

 All sides already agree that long-term air pollution is a constant background stressor, a major contributor to the epicenters. By setting aside the virus paradigm, environmental causation can be studied deeper to determine the trigger.

 Air pollution causation
-long-term air pollution.
-long-term NO2 air pollution
-Hydrogen Cyanide -is a highly toxic gas, a refinery waste product

Ventilator/drug causation

What new pollution triggered the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Fracked fuel
 -fracked oil can contain 20x higher levels of nitrogen compounds, and thus the necessity to dump cyanide into the atmosphere and fuel stream is pertinent to fracked oil.
-Hydrogen cyanide (HCN), is a highly toxic gas, a refinery waste product. It can cause symptoms similar if not the same as COVID-19 symptoms, such as coughing, hypoxia, lung and kidney damage. ( It is a highly toxic conjugate acid of a cyanide that is used as a chemical weapon agent. It is characterised as a colourless gas or liquid with a strong pungent odour that causes irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract, as well as toxic systemic effects.(

Wuhan, the initial epicenter, is highly polluted.

Madrid (Spain) vies for position as the next highest death incidence. It imports petroleum from Qatar, a major exporter of fracked fuel for industry and power plants. 
Plume often shows high NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) pollution for Madrid.

Milan (Italy) vies with Spain for most deaths, outside of China, and is accused of under-reporting. Milan has been called, "Europe's most polluted city." Milan imports much of its petroleum products, fracked, from the US. Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic in Milan and Rome has been banned and people told to stay indoors because of intense air pollution

The Tri-State Region (NY/NJ/CT)
-4/7/2020, in the morning, Plume App reported "Excessive" and "Extreme" for New York City, with high and sustained NO2 levels.
-Missing data-NYCDOH COVID-19 death reports for 4/7/2020 stated, "High death counts are due to delayed reporting." Thus, on the day of record-high mortality, both medical and environmental data was suddenly missing.  
-There is a correlation between missing data and high COVID-19 death counts.  
-Fracked fuel exhaust correlates-The two largest US epicenters, the Tri-State Region and Louisiana, are both amidst the largest petrochemical regions in the U.S., and downwind from power plants fueled by fracked-fuel.
-Poisoned earth correlates-Air pollution also arrives from earth spills, accumulated from centuries of unregulated industry. These spills are common throughout New York City and adjacent New Jersey.
-Usually, epidemics in the US begin in, and are heaviest in, the New York City region, e.g., the 1916 polio, 1918 Spanish flu, The Great Polio Epidemic, West Nile virus, H1N1 flu, measles, and now, COVID-19. The cover story for each epidemic is a virus.
-Metaphorically, New York City is a Petri dish of poisoned vulnerables who are revealed by the application of a dye of toxic fracked-fuel exhaust. They are revealed in terms of their morbidity and mortality. 

Canadian epicenters provide another contradiction for those who believe population density supports the infectious paradigm. Vancouver, with the highest population density has very low COVID-19 incidence. North Montreal, with its lower population density, has the highest incidence.
The difference: North Montreal is an environmental disaster, with many oil refineries near.

Electromagnetic smog

Electromagnetic smog, whether it arrives from 4G or 5G routers, or power EMF from cables and devices, can generate biological hypersensitivity to toxic chemicals. EMF could thereby cause COVID-like symptoms such as respiratory symptoms and fever. The map demonstrates that electro-smog can only be a contributor to the pandemic, not a primary cause.

 The self-quarantines and lockdowns could increase electro-smog, when people live their lives through social media, sitting near high-EMF computer monitors and Internet routers, increasing EMF stress. The official guidelines are “stay connected” but “self-isolated”.

Note that the no-virus argument is much simpler, easier to remember, and ultimately powerful in debate.
It merely puts the burden of proof on virologists where it belongs. It asks two simple questions which virologists cannot answer :
1)Where was virus isolation properly achieved  
2)Where was toxicological causation properly discounted?


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