Is it important? (Ist es wichtig? - with english subtitles)

Multiple laboratories confirm again: NO VIRUS present !

The cytopathic effect falsely attributed to viruses is NOT caused by a "virus" - as claimed - but by the experimental setup itself

This video graphically illustrates for absolute laymen why the control experiment on the cytopathic effect scientifically confirms that virologists were wrong and failed to perform these control experiments until today.

This video was created in collaboration with Corona Facts ( for the format "Beginners - The Video Series for Scientific Laymen" and gives them the opportunity to check out all the facts and figures for themselves.

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Do virologists always use kidney cells from monkeys (Vero E6 cells) for inoculation? 

No, Vero E6 cells are not always used, but they are most commonly used. The CPE (cytopathic effect) as well as its "strength" depend on the tissue type as well as on the handling, the age of the cultures, the hardware and mechanical steps used, the chemicals and the foetal sera, which always vary considerably. Vero E6 cell cultures are also particularly predisposed to the onset of CPE.


 More about the treatment of the cell cultures in this video




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