Mad Cow Disease Among the Vaxxed

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On Monday, I was called by a man in southern Sweden who could tell me how his father, who was born in 1948 after taking double injections, gradually began to feel worse. After several visits to the health service, it was finally established that he had suffered from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. He later died after a very short illness. This is the human equivalent of mad cow disease. That Creutzfeldt-Jakob would appear as a fatal side effect in those who took the mRNA injections has been widely warned among researchers who have been true truth seekers. Here are over 30 scientific reports that warn of just this: Search | Medic Debate.
Precion formation is enhanced with nail proteins as well as with their counterparts in Pfizer's and Moderna's injections. At the same time, it is known that the very development from prion to developed damaged brain and death is a process that is time-consuming. One could expect that a peak will occur in three to four years. But we are individuals, for some it can go faster and in the two cases that are now documented, they may well be the prelude to a real epidemic.

The second case concerned a man just under 80 who was registered in the Medical Products Agency's adverse reaction register. Then it is a matter of course that the preparedness is increased among those who are responsible for public health and that they really make an effort to assess the concrete situation. This also includes introducing an immediate stop to injections in our children and adolescents. Conversely, those who push the agenda towards a "The Great Reset" are obviously worried that this information will come out at all. They will do much to prevent the spread of these lines.
But then you can also see more clearly on which side the barricades you are standing in this plandemic. Those who give this voice stand for the side of public health, freedom and truth. Those who find different ways to hide the above fact also have familiar color. How one personally considers these above observations within authorities can vary, but those who want to go out are offered all support from us in the Freedom Movement that they avoid being reprimanded. Now the question is entirely up to a question of life or death! Everyone is faced with a vital crossroads. I have already commented on this in more detail in Linus Noremalm's youtube channels.

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I also guess that for every diagnosed Cretzfeld Jacobs case after vaccination, there might be 100-1000 undiagnosed ones, as Creutzfeld Jacob is a disease most doctors are not familiar with or expecting.