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The origin of the (alleged) new coronavirus

Perhaps we were naive to believe that the rumor about the Wuhan virus that some bio-weapons lab was hatched and then escaped would have been resolved after the first quarter of 2021. There were actually enough scientists (also within the mainstream) who were able to refute the Wuhan virus rumor with good arguments. But as is the case with rumors and legends, they are often much stronger than facts and persist, even if they have long been refuted.
In the meantime one is really constantly confronted with this – sorry, but we have to use this nonsense here – conspiracy theory. More and more frequent and louder accusations and suspicions are coming from the USA in particular, so that the mainstream can no longer look the other way.

Has anything changed in the argumentation or evidence of this rumor since the first rumors of 2020 and the new rumors from the beginning of 2021? No…
One still argues with the same appearances; with allegations and allegations from insiders or secret services who observed “suspicious” here and there; one argues with supposedly “logical” conclusions; with renowned experts and persons in authority who consider the Wuhan virus theory to be “entirely plausible”; and of course one argues with “traces” of the coronavirus here and with proven “antibodies” there.

None of this constitutes evidence of any kind of conspiracy and cover-up, and no scientifically verifiable facts support the Wuhan virus theory in any way!

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In our video “On the current occasion, No. 01 – Bioweapons: the myth of the artificial pathogen” we dealt extensively with the subject of pathogens allegedly grown in the laboratory. There is still nothing more to say on this whole subject, and there will be nothing more to be said on this subject in the future.
The reason for this is very simple: the scientific basis that would be required for the principle of cultured pathogens simply does not exist!

“There may be scientists around the world who are still straying and trying to create the ultimate killer microbe in their laboratory. But they will fail just as much as the people who tried to make gold in earlier times. Your scientific basis is simply wrong. ”
(“On the current occasion, No. 01 – Bioweapons, the myth of the artificial pathogen”)

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So-called “experts” suspect that the alleged coronavirus must come from a laboratory, among other things, because the SARS-CoV-2 genome looks highly suspicious and somehow made by humans. But if you take a closer look at the genesis of the genetic strand, it becomes clear why this is so.
The Chinese virologists who allegedly provided evidence of a new coronavirus in early 2020 were, on the one hand, probably afraid of a possible new “killer virus” themselves and, on the other hand, they were under tremendous pressure! Answers had to be found, and as quickly as possible. The likelihood that they would make mistakes in their work was increased many times over. Then they built the model of a new SARS coronavirus genetic strand on the computer in the record time of only 40 hours (!) And thus provided exactly the answers that everyone had feared and expected. However, since the genome model was created in such a short time, it was impossible to adhere to all the necessary rules of virology and genetics (although scientific rules are regularly disregarded by virology anyway). As a result, you could only have one, like Dr. Lanka said to create a very “bumpy” construct that only pi times the thumb corresponds to the requirements of a genodal model. And it is precisely this fact that repeatedly leads scientists to consider the virus to be man-made.

The genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2 IS man-made. And YES, it basically comes from a laboratory in Wuhan. But he is a MODEL! SARS-CoV-2 is nothing more than a computer model. It was never more than that and never will be more than that.

The media attack and the US government’s blame on China are more likely to have political than medical-scientific reasons.
And to blame China for the Corona crisis in one way or another is nonsense and hypocrisy. Even the accusation that one could now apparently make the Chinese scientists that their “sloppiness” was responsible for the “Corona crisis” would be unjust through and through!

The whole world (!) Is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the corona crisis! All countries participated and did their part.

So there is no need for any blame. Modern society has maneuvered itself into this dead end over generations, so let us together as a human family leave this dead end again and take a new path!

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The rumors surrounding bioweapons and the Wuhan virus generate exactly two things: fear and hatred. Both are not good advisors and do not help anyone in the world.

So instead of dealing with rumors of the Wuhan virus, which are only senseless scare tactics, scientists in particular should rather deal with the fundamental question: does SARS-CoV-2 and all its variants actually exist or do they only exist in the Theory?

“As you can see now, the best bio-weapon there is is fear.” – Stefan Lanka

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A.A.A., No. 01: “Bioweapons – the myth of the artificial pathogen”
In the first episode of our special format “On the current occasion” we deal with the subject of biological warfare / biological weapons. Due to the latest rumors about the alleged “Wuhan virus” from the laboratory, we are specifically addressing the topic of artificial “pathogens”, ie “pathogens” that have been modified or created in a laboratory and explain why these are just a myth to this day and will definitely always remain just a myth.

A rough translation .

“The conclusion that the only bioweapon is fear based on superstition and not science and people and virologist believe in it and are even proud they are contributing to a greater cause and cannot see they are unscientific because they never questions their theories.
The duty of a scientist is constantly question his theories and contradictions.
What they are doing pseodo-science.

In sociology of science( see books below ) , why ‘scientists ‘ are doing pseodo-science ?
If you just report on what you know and not independent observations but only use the known and material explanation, with that way of thinking we cannot develop any new understanding. That is what they do in research , do not even use control experiments.
The Russians gave up on bioweapon research as they realised it does not work but it is a good way to create panic.
That is how Israel has succeed to scare the Palestinians out of their refugee camps by telling them that the wells have been contaminated, that was the start of the State of Israel started with a scare campaign.
Israel has the highest rate of cancer as they live in such fear, fear is not good for heath.

Did the Nazi have a bio program?( see book Ludwick Fleck, Nazi all did they tried to protect in case of an attack , Fleck was a bacteriologist and was forced to produce a bioweapon, he knew that that was false but he had the order from SS to produce to make the substance against dangerous bacteria, so made up something and describes it in his book and how science works. He was part of it and knew what was going on.

After WW 2 the Americans thought the Nazi ‘s had the secret drugs . The Americans soldieries in Korea , that had not seen war started deserting when saw damage from bombs etc . so they came up with the stories that , the Russians have cultivated a socialistic virus that made the soldiers to lose the will ( to fight?).
They made a lot of experiments with drugs ( MK Ultra,) with drugs or without drugs to program them as thought the German soldiers had some secret drug .

The current example of fear is Sars Cov-2, a virologist in Beijing got the task to find a coronavirus out of a harmless bat .
Under pressure and panic through internet , had to find the ‘virus’ even though noone infected anyone. This professor zong( ? ) he produced it in record time in 40 hours to produce the sequence through what is called alignment and has not even had to time to even use the acceptable rules of virology that usually takes 3 weeks, so he came up with this genome that looks so unusual. Whoever has an idea of biochemistry and what proteins should look like , say , now it is so unusual and that is the proof that the virus was produced in a lab , so must be a bioweapon.
The scare from contagion and believe in viruses has consolidated the fear.
So whoever claims that as true can be asked show me the research exactly where the virus was isolated or retract his claims because all he does is create irrational fear that is very dangerous.
So that is how they came with notion of gain of function .

The belief that rules exist for illness and that it can be transmitted has been passed and persists in our times.
In so called medieval times and in wars to make it impossible for the enemies to survive they destroyed the crops, killed the animals , burned down the villages, thrown the cadavers. So they were overburdened with the byproducts of protein , with nitrates( that understand every mother as says on the bottles if more than 50 mg of nitrates in water should not drink it as turns blue? ) If drink that water all the time gets symptoms like the ones describes during the plagues , immune deficiencies. So poisoning through nitrates and rotten food, nothing to do with rules of illness .

With Sarv-2, the blame started : it was produced by China, then, by America, then, Luc Montaigner ( Nobel prize ) spoke out that it was lab produced as had similarities with HIV. The theory went away, then came back.
The theory falls apart and the danger when one knows it was just a man made mental theoretical construct , no wonder it looks man made and synthetic. It was made up by a computer , a mental theoretical construct.
All the theories that it comes from a lab do not hold scientifically, even contradict fundamental principle of biology.
And applies to bacteria too,( there are no killer bacteria or viruses) the anthrax attack in 2001 is as fake. to understand why biological weapons never existed and never will exist one must know
– regarding viruses and illness , it is only a theory, no scientist could ever prove they exist even if they got A Nobel price for it, their work would never withstand scientific scrutiny , how can one make an artificial virus when you cannot find even a natural one.
– bacteria – cannot make you sick in a way we think and are not the parasites that we think off. The bacteria that live in us can under certain circumstances become a burden and even life threatening but that does not mean they are parasites and in that they cause damage. The bacteria produce, in general , no poison in our bodies or in such small concentrations that it is impossible to cause disease . One has to think under what conditions do dead bodies decompose or alcohol is produced.
How can one produce killer bacteria, by dismissing fundamental principles of biology? By inverting the biology of bacteria, that would definitely be scientific sensationalism but will not happen on reality.
The subject of bacteria is not the scope of this main program. ( see other info wissenschaftplus, etc).
All the statements of genetic or synthetic bioweapons contradict fundamental laws of biology. There are delusional scientist who are trying to create the ultimate killer microbe but they will fail like the people who tried to produce gold in the old days. The fundamental principle is wrong . All rumour, speculations about artificially created illnesses is all about creating fear and enemies. There is enough fear and animosity already during this crisis.
Long term fear can lead to serious illnesses especially in people who already have respiratory problems.
Best to stick to provable facts .



Project MKULTRA, the CIA’s Program of Research into Behavioral Modification – Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research of the Committee on Human Resources, United State Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session”, 03. August 1977

In German 

Thomas Schnelle: “Ludwig Fleck – Leben und Denken. Zur Entstehung und Entwicklung des wissenschaftlichen Denkstils in der Wissenschaftsphilosophie”, Januar 1982
Ludwig Fleck – “Entstehung und Entwicklung einer wissenschaftlichen Tatsache – Einführung in die Lehre vom Denkstil und Denkkollektiv”, 1980

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