Australian Biotech Company has developed a Treatment to Stop people from Dying from the Vaccines.

How wonderful and reassuring.
Thought vaccines were about saving lives




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Article Posted Friday 16 April  2021 ( video was posted on 18 April)

Brisbane biotech company trials drug on US COVID-19 patients in bid to find 'new way to prevent people dying' of virus

A Brisbane biotech company, led by award-winning immunologist Ian Frazer, has created an anti-inflammatory drug, which is being trialled as a potential treatment for severely-ill COVID-19 patients in the United States.

Professor Frazer, who was the co-inventor of the Gardasil vaccine to prevent Human Papillomavirus, is the chief scientific officer and co-founder of Implicit Bioscience — the company that developed the drug IC14.

 He said the drug would be given to patients who have "a serious chance of dying without this treatment".

The drug was not specifically developed to treat COVID-19 as the company had been developing IC14 over the past decade.


"It's a treatment for COVID-19 but it's also a treatment ... potentially for any disease that causes severe long-lasting inflammation," Professor Frazer said.


 The patients will get all the conventional treatments — they'll get steroids, they'll get antiviral drugs but then in addition to them, some of them will be given this drug to see if it helps them get over the problem," Professor Frazer said.

 The chief executive of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, told US TV Network CNBC that the company's COVID-19 vaccine recipients would "likely" need a third dose between six to 12 months after the second jab, and a yearly shot.

Commenting on COVID-19 vaccines, Professor Frazer said he believed it was likely that regular booster shots would be needed to remain immune from the virus.

The University of Queensland was developing a COVID-19 vaccine, however it was discontinued after it gave people false-positive results for HIV.

 Professor Frazer said he thought the university would restart its vaccine program because the technology was still sound and the approach they were using was good.


Wonder if this is the wonder drug in the article and if the reporter  made a mistake or the company decided there  is a bigger market for the drug for the people who had the vaccine..

Also recycling a drug they have been developing for 10 years so now they found a market niche..

Same company who was trying to develop a covid vaccine but had to stop as people were testing positive for HIV.

Knowing the high incidence of adverse reaction of Gardasil can one trust the company and Professor Frazer who was who is the co-inventor of Gardasil.