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Dr. Andrew Kaufman Panopticon ~ July 10, 2021



Stefan Lanka: "Viruses are not microbes and have no infectious capacity" (III of III) - DSalud


The well-known German virologist Stefan Lanka asserts that viruses are neither microbes nor do they have infectious capacity, so that Covid-19 cannot have been caused by the alleged SARS-CoV-2, whose existence, moreover, has not been demonstrated.
Furthermore he disputes that there is a pandemic, that there are millions of people infected and killed by this coronavirus, and that vaccines are justified since they are neither effective nor innocuous but very dangerous.
This is what he affirmed - among many other things - during the extensive interview we had with him in which he reveals the farce that the world is living through due to the constant lies and manipulations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the international drug agencies in complicity with the political leaders of most governments.

Notices of Liability for Vaccine Harm and Death Sent to the EMA and all Members of the European Parliament – Sep 13, 2021


As the European Parliament resumed on Monday September 13 2021, with their first order of business a debate over health and disease prevention to be followed by a vote on Tuesday, a letter of Notice of Liability for harm and death from COVID-19 vaccines was served on all members of the European Parliament, and sent to the Executive Director of the European Medicines Agency.

How Remdesivir/Ventilators Were Used To Murder & Create Illusion of Deadly Virus


Dr. Bryan Ardis exposes Hospitals as MURDER ZONES and to never go into one if you have Covid-19. He says "You're going to be threatened with DEATH" if you go into a hospital with Covid-19.

Interim Estimates of COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness Against COVID-19–Associated Emergency Department or Urgent Care Clinic Encounters and Hospitalizations Among Adults During SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617.2 (Delta) Variant Predominance—Nine States, June–August 2021


Data on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness (VE) since the B.1.617.2 (Delta) variant of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, became the predominant circulating strain in the United States are limited (13). CDC used the VISION Network* to examine medical encounters (32,867) from 187 hospitals and 221 emergency departments (EDs) and urgent care (UC) clinics across nine states during June–August 2021, beginning on the date the Delta variant accounted for >50% of sequenced isolates in each medical facility’s state. VISION Network methods have been published (4).

Eligible medical encounters were defined as those among adults aged ≥18 years who had received SARS-CoV-2 molecular testing (primarily reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction assay within 14 days before or 72 hours after the admission or encounter) and a COVID-19–like illness discharge diagnosis. Vaccination status was documented in electronic health records and immunization registries. Full vaccination was defined as receipt of the second dose of BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) or mRNA-1273 (Moderna) mRNA vaccines, or a single dose of Ad26.COV2 (Janssen [Johnson & Johnson]) vaccine ≥14-days before the testing or encounter date. Patients who had received no COVID-19 vaccine doses were considered unvaccinated. Patients who had received 1 mRNA dose only or had received the second dose <14 days before testing or encounter date were excluded. VE was estimated using a test-negative design, calculating the odds of receiving a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result comparing fully vaccinated and unvaccinated patients (referent group). VE was adjusted for age, geographic region, calendar time (days from January 1 to medical event), and virus circulation, and weighted for inverse propensity to be vaccinated or unvaccinated (calculated separately for each VE model). VE estimates with 95% confidence intervals (CIs) that did not overlap were considered statistically different. This activity was reviewed by CDC and was conducted consistent with applicable federal law and CDC policy.

Among fully vaccinated patients, the proportion who had received each vaccine product among hospitalizations and ED/UC encounters, respectively, were Pfizer-BioNTech, 55.3% and 53.6%; Moderna, 38.8% and 36.1%; and Janssen, 6.0% and 10.3%. The median interval from becoming fully vaccinated to the hospital admission or ED/UC encounter, respectively, were 110 and 93 days (Pfizer-BioNTech), 106 and 96 days (Moderna), and 94 and 94 days (Janssen).

Among adults hospitalized with COVID-19–like illness (14,636; median patient age = 65 years, interquartile range [IQR] = 48–77 years), laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections were identified among 18.9% (1,316 of 6,960) of unvaccinated and 3.1% (235 of 7,676) of fully vaccinated patients. Overall, VE against COVID-19 hospitalization was 86% (95% CI = 82%–89%). VE was significantly lower among adults aged ≥75 years (76%) than among those aged 18–74 years (89%) (Table). The difference in VE point estimates between age groups was similar for Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines. Across all ages, VE was significantly higher among Moderna vaccine recipients (95%) than among Pfizer-BioNTech (80%) or Janssen (60%) vaccine recipients.

Among adults with ED/UC encounters for COVID-19–like illness (18,231; median patient age = 43 years, IQR = 29–62 years), laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infections were identified among 28.9% (3,145 of 10,872) of unvaccinated and 7.0% (512 of 7,359) of fully vaccinated patients. VE against COVID-19 ED/UC encounters was 82% (95% CI = 81%–84%). VE was highest among Moderna vaccine recipients (92%), followed by Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine recipients (77%), and was lowest (65%) for Janssen vaccine recipients (Table).

In this multistate interim analysis of 32,867 medical encounters among adults of all ages during June–August 2021, when the Delta variant was predominant in the United States, VE of all three authorized COVID-19 vaccines combined remained high against hospitalization (86%) and ED/UC encounters (82%). These overall VE estimates were similar to those during the months before Delta became predominant (2,4). However, VE against COVID-19 hospitalization among adults aged ≥75 years was significantly lower than that among adults aged <75 years, which had not been observed previously from this data source (4). This moderate decline should be interpreted with caution and might be related to changes in SARS-CoV-2, waning of vaccine-induced immunity with increased time since vaccination, or a combination of factors. Differences in VE between the two mRNA vaccines, which had not been observed previously in the VISION Network (4), are consistent with another recent finding.§ Further examination of the magnitude and sources of product-specific VE differences are also warranted.

The findings in this report are subject to at least three limitations. First, VE by time since vaccination was not examined; further evaluation of possible waning of vaccine protection is currently underway. Second, VE for partial vaccination was not assessed. Finally, although the facilities in this study serve heterogenous populations in nine states, the findings might not be generalizable to the U.S. population.

These findings reaffirm the high protection of COVID-19 vaccines against moderate and severe COVID-19 resulting in ED, UC, and hospital visits and underscore the importance of full COVID-19 vaccination and continued benefits of COVID-19 vaccination during Delta variant predominance.

Review of Russian ezrin peptide treatment of acute viral respiratory disease and virus induced pneumonia; a potential treatment for covid-19


COVID-19patients display a spectrum of disease severity.
About 80% haveAcute Viral Respiratory Disease (AVRI) withfever

Keys to understanding the New World Order

A dialogue about injection safety and efficacy between Pastor Askofu Gwajima and Dr. Mike Yeadon.


This is an extract from our previous video, where the main religious leader of Tanzania, with 2.9 million followers and 400 churches, Pastor Askofu Gwajima invited the Tanzanian government on a debate on safety and efficacy about the Covid injections. The government did not show up, but Pastor Gwajima had a very intesting with the vaccine expert Dr. Mike Yeadon, former vice President of Pfizer.

COVID19 vaccination increases mortality of unvaccinated European children


COVID19 vaccination increases mortality of unvaccinated European children, May updateHervé SeligmannSummaryWeekly COVID19 vaccination in total populations (ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations) increases weekly total mortality (euromomo.eu) of children 0-14 years old in January-May 2021 (unvaccinated at that period) from 22 European countries. Above 44, results indicate vaccine protection after week 5. These population-level results match previous individual-level results. In those below 15 years, which are unvaccinated, adverse effects start 3-4 weeks after vaccination and gradually increase until the end of the period examined, 20 weeks after vaccination. At the level of the whole population of children below 15 in these 22 countries, a weekly 1% increase in vaccination of adults results in 29 additional deaths of children, an 8% increase in the average weekly children death rate. Comparing health of unvaccinated children with no, one and both parents vaccinated could test whether vaccine shedding accounts for indirect vaccine effects affecting unvaccinated children, without vaccinating children. Direct adverse vaccination effects are probably stronger than indirect effects, predictingstrong or extreme direct postvaccination adverse reactions in the young. Direct vaccine effects probably mask indirect adverse vaccine effects in adult populations.

Anti-Forced Organ Harvesting Groups to Launch Global Summit


“For over two decades, the Chinese Communist Party has mobilized the entire state apparatus to monetize the bodies of those deemed undesirable and turn medical professionals into executioners"

Five non-governmental organizations (NGO) are planning webinars about battling organ transplants from non-consenting detainees, primarily from Falun Gong adherents, during the coming UN General Assembly in September.

The Covid narrative is mass hypnosis


Mattias Desmet is a professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He focuses on mass crowd formation, totalitarianism, mass hypnosis, and indoctrination.


The Tanzanian government was invited by Bishop and parliament member Askofu Gwajima to a debate whether the Covid 19 "vaccines" are safe and effective. Unfortunately, they did not show up, but Dr. William Gershom from Tanzania, Dr. Mike Yeadon from UK, Professor Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, Professor Alexandra Henrion Caude from France, Dr. Herve Seligman and Dr. Shimon Janowitz from Israel, Mads Palsvig from Denmark, Amrita Tejas from Switzerland, Dr. Lucia Mas from Argentina, Dr. Heike Müller from Italy and Dr. Mikael Nordfors from Sweden showed up for a long discussion. An arrangement supported by www.medicdebate.org.


Six Month Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine


Background BNT162b2 is a lipid nanoparticle-formulated, nucleoside-modified RNA vaccine encoding a prefusion-stabilized, membrane-anchored SARS-CoV-2 full-length spike protein. BNT162b2 is highly efficacious against COVID-19 and is currently authorized for emergency use or conditional approval worldwide. At the time of authorization, data beyond 2 months post-vaccination were unavailable.

Methods In an ongoing, placebo-controlled, observer-blinded, multinational, pivotal efficacy study, 44,165 ≥16-year-old participants and 2,264 12-15-year-old participants were randomized to receive 2 doses, 21 days apart, of 30 µg BNT162b2 or placebo. Study endpoints reported here are vaccine efficacy (VE) against laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 and safety data, both up to 6 months post-vaccination.

Results BNT162b2 continued to be safe and well tolerated. Few participants had adverse events leading to study withdrawal. VE against COVID-19 was 91% (95% CI 89.0-93.2) through up to 6 months of follow-up, among evaluable participants and irrespective of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection. VE of 86%-100% was seen across countries and in populations with diverse characteristics of age, sex, race/ethnicity, and COVID-19 risk factors in participants without evidence of previous SARS-CoV-2 infection. VE against severe disease was 97% (95% CI 80.3−99.9). In South Africa, where the SARS-CoV-2 variant of concern, B.1.351 (beta), was predominant, 100% (95% CI 53.5, 100.0) VE was observed.

Conclusion With up to 6 months of follow-up and despite a gradually declining trend in vaccine efficacy, BNT162b2 had a favorable safety profile and was highly efficacious in preventing COVID-19. (ClinicalTrials.gov number, NCT04368728)


Shunyamurti offers a perspective on the current world situation and the pandemic of fear (together with desire) that has usurped individual intelligence and driven the collective consciousness into a state of submission, resulting in the death of freedom and impending global enslavement.



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