Paper: Covid Theories.1—The Key is Whether the Vaccine is a Medical Countermeasure or a Pharmaceutical Product



ABSTRACT: This paper (Part 1) explores an overarching logical explanatory model for the 2019-2020 Covid Crisis, primarily as a means to eliminate improbably controversial theories. The proposed model is simple, has a good fit to known facts, and reconciles incongruities seen in public policy. Part 2 will demonstrate the model is also highly predictive of, and consistent with, the events of 2021-2022.

Model: The 2019 accidental release of a gain-of-function pathogenic research virus caused Western security agencies to understandably react as if the effect would be similar to a biological agent being released. In the US this set in motion National Security legislation crafted in the wake of 9/11. So instead of a CDC directed pandemic response, a National Security plan under PAHPA/ PAHPRA (2006/2013 Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act) was initiated. The center of the US security state is the Department of Defense (DOD) and as a result the Covid vaccine is a Barda medical countermeasure developed under Operation Warp Speed run by the DOD. The FDA issued EUA is "to allow unapproved medical an emergency" and is not an FDA approval. Thus the vaccine is neither a FDA pharmaceutical product developed under the established regulatory framework, nor is the vaccine manufacturing reviewed for GMP (good manufacturing practice) compliance, nor is informed consent required for an EUA medical countermeasure.

The public documents presented herein make clear that the unique statutory steps used in the US government's Covid response was unambiguously a national security response. They include laws and executive orders originally intended to prepare for and respond to an "attack with a, chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (“CBRN”) agent or agents" or laws originally intended for military operations. This is little known but obvious upon inspection of official records.

With the PREP Act Declaration in January 2020, all federal agencies, private institutions, and manufacturers associated with the production, distribution and administration of the counter-measure were granted complete immunity from all liability associated with the vaccination program which disincentivizes caution in all parties and introduces moral hazard. This process has had fateful implications for the safety of the vaccine and health of the citizens. This conceptual model helps to eliminate some theories and confirms others.

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