There is no scientific proof that natural  pathogenic "viruses " exist.

Following the rules of thought and logic therre can be no  mutation or gain of function of non existant virus , there is no viral spike protein , etc.
One cannot mutate somethng in the labs that does not exist to start with.


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Genetic modified organisms does not exists, synthetic biology does not exists, SARS-Cov2 does not exists, pandemic does not exists.

We inherited falsehoods .

Scientists failed to verify the science and just added more falsehoods to false concepts , some intentionally or just self- delusions .


If the scientists, doctors, lawyers, media in the freedom movemnet do not pool together and debunk the virology fraud we will soon be tagged like cattle.At the moment most are engaged in circulate arguments and presenting more false science.

All other distractions are a waste of time, they have made no difference in the log run. 




You have delusiona people like Harari, a historian who has no idea how biology work , promoting transhumanims which is not possible in biology.
That does not mean that these lunatics do not believe it and will harm and kill many in their attempt.

“ I had no idea that doctors were bought this way. With this system, the military-industrial-biomedical complex will identify and weed out those who have submitted to their digital identification system. This starts with being up to date on one's vaccinations - endless vaccinations.”*15kwr0p*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY3NTA2MzM4OS4xODgxLjEuMTY3NTA2NDAxNS4wLjAuMA



As long as people believe in viruses they will be controlled and manipulated with repeated scams,  participate in self-harm,  a never ending story.*1rqqdas*_ga*MTIzMTkzOTQ4OC4xNjI1NzM1OTcw*_ga_T49FMYQ9FZ*MTY3NTA2MzM4OS4xODgxLjEuMTY3NTA2NDAxNS4wLjAuMA