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The purpose of this video is to address a few recent statements made by JJ Couey. The clips we’ll play during this video come from one of JJ’s recent twitch streams as well as a recent podcast episode In which JJ appeared as a guest. According to his LinkedIn, JJ is a biologist, a teacher, and the founder of Gigaohm Biological. 

Given that JJ is frequently promoted by leading voices in the health freedom movement, we felt that it was necessary to respond to JJ’s statements regarding the no virus position, his mischaracterizations of prominent voices in the no-virus camp, and his questioning of the motives of those communicating the lack of true scientific validation for virology. 

This is also an opportunity to provide more clarification for those who are undecided on the validity of virology. 

We look forward to hearing from JJ and having further discussions on this issue. Enjoy the video. 

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"As I wrote, the body learns to react to foreign substances, whether you call it the immune system or what I call hardening./ toughening up- the body learns. Without learning this, the body would not be able to do anything with foreign substances. The body gets used to many substances and that, I think, is a learning process that can also be described as intelligent. And as you write, he presents a reaction to an action." 


deepL translate: https://t.me/NEXTLEVEL_OnlineForum/8967/17544

that is also indirectly correct. 

In the ancient doctrine of the humours, it was assumed that a stagnation of the bodily humours could lead to disease, which is correct and important, but also that disease poisons (lat. virus) would arise and spread inside and outside the body, which was and is a misinterpretation. One would become healthy again when the stagnant bodily fluids would flow again, which is correct, or when the body would form antidotes against the assumed disease poisons, which was and is wrong. This idea of disease poisons and counterpoisons was and is the basis why vaccination was used in ancient times and still is today. 

The idea of disease poisons was seemingly confirmed by the fact that regular ingestion of poisons, e.g. strong or a lot of alcohol, can lead to a "resistance" or immunity to larger amounts or concentrations of poisons. The misinterpretation was only resolved in basic research when it was recognised that no antidotes, no anti-bodies are formed in poisoning, but enzymes that metabolise the poisons or carry them to the outside.

It is not a system that fights against something, that is at war.

What is "natural immunity" and what are globulins?

The first part of the question is wrongly posed because the belief in immunity is based on misconceptions that arose to sustain the infection theories. Many people who are permanently well believe that they have a strong immune system and therefore a natural immunity. In reality, they do not have any special biological programmes running, because they have not caught any biologically effective traumas, or solved them immediately, before they would have become noticeable through the product of time and intensity. The decisive factor is always whether the kidney retains water or not. If water is retained, even small, otherwise inconspicuous processes can become dramatically large and dangerous. 

Globulins are protein globules that become flat in an acidic, i.e. low-energy, environment in order to combine with other low-energy proteins and substances. These can then be recycled, holes in cells and tissue are mended and this mechanism leads to wound healing and coagulation of the blood. In conventional medicine it is believed and taught that these globulins are anti-bodies that fit like a key to a lock, which is not true. The binding ability depends on many factors.