Prof. Meyl detected DNA-Wave and Scalar Wave Biology


Monday, 07 May 2012 23:23

I believe that Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl is our time's new Tesla, the super genius. In Meyl's first interview for White TV (in English), he gave a summary of all his gigantic research that allowed him to discover that a vortex always consists of two, the second of which was unknown to science. He has named it the potential vortex. Meyl has rediscovered the scalar waves by showing how Tesla discovered the electric scalar wave. Meyl has since discovered the magnetic scalar wave himself and it is the one that is biologically relevant. Our whole body works with magnetic scalar waves. Meyl also formulated the unified field theory (Einstein failed) and the proof of the aether.

Now he is explaining his research in biology. He detected that our whole body works with scalar waves, that the DNA transports information and energy with a magnetic scalar wave,

The distribution of the electric field (E) and of the magnetic flux density (B) in the double helix v=speed of the DNA wave (140,000 km/s) c=speed of light (= 300,000 km/s) (= speed of the vortex) (from The International CCN Society 2011)

that the nerves transport scalar waves.

that the nodes Ranvier detected indicate a standing, longitudinal wave = scalar wave and that bio resonance medicine (Bicomand homeopathy use scalar waves.

This interview is extremely important for doctors, because Meyl has found the missing links in how the human body is functioning. But it is also important for teachers to understand, why the kids have ADHD and difficulties to learn.

Electro smog is explained and how we can get rid of it. Victims of tinnitus and mind control can learn a lot, why they are suffering and how they could improve their situation.

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