Fear is an instrument of power

“The great historian Polybius  said about the relationship between the manager and the managed.
‘ The masses can only be controlled by mysterious terrors.’ “ John Taylor Gatto 
 Since the masses of the people are inconstant, full of unruly desires, passionate, and reckless of consequences, they must be filled with fears to keep them in order. The ancients did well, therefore, to invent gods, and the belief in punishment after death.”
Gunnar Kaiser & Jochen Kirchhof -
Biosecurity: Power interests only work through claims of dangerous viruses !
The climate and refugee crises did not have the desired effect for the agenda of certain interest groups. Only the claim of a death threat via an alleged virus enabled the global panic to push through certain interests. New measures are only possible because new mutations can be claimed. 
This brief excerpt underscores the inconceivable power inherent in the virus existence question, which is currently being discredited by many critics. 
Truthfulness is the inner pursuit of truth, not ignoring it.
-Fear as an instrument of power
Source: deep L translate - https://t.me/Corona_Fakten/947
What does it say about todays society where this form of health is supreme and to which everything  else is subordinate .
  • That has been all  prepared for a long time planned exactly -  the biotech.
  • Biosecurity is a direction through which  people with power interests knew  well in advance you can get  the people.
  • The climate change and refugee issue did not catch people but if you create fear of death over a virus you can grab people through a quasi infection
  • It is a trick thought by the powerful by which you nudge people with something elementary ,that everything  can cause sickness 
  • People are , in general, unhealthy and also their thinking is perverted ,that is all connected
  • Health has become a crazy perverted promise,  that you can be made healthy and be completely repaired even via digital / AI  if needed,  
  • Artificial intelligence  is a promise that attracts people
  • People not only have fear of death but also of suffering and  of becomes hopeless. That is the only  way you can catch people on a global scale
  • All people in power have embraced biosecurity and that is why it functions on a global scale
  • Biosecurity was developed earlier in America ,  is implemented and  will continue to be implemented as every measure is  made justifiable   because of new threats , a mutation, something worst .
  • There will be threats of other  biolabs  somewhere else , much worst so one needs even  worst lockdowns, never ending until one cannot breath , life will be brought to a such a level where one does not even want to live anymore.
Mind  control has been succefully  achieved via  indoctrination, 2-3 generations of dumbing down people via mass schooling ie. the weapon of mass instruction and finishing the job via the media propaganda

Gatto demonstrates that the harm school inflicts is rational and deliberate. The real function of pedagogy, he argues, is to render the common population manageable. To that end, young people must be conditioned to rely upon experts, to remain divided from natural alliances and to accept disconnections from their own lived experiences. They must at all costs be discouraged from developing self-reliance and independence. 

Escaping this trap requires a strategy Gatto calls "open source learning" which imposes no artificial divisions between learning and life. Through this alternative approach our children can avoid being indoctrinated-only then can they achieve self-knowledge, good judgment, and courage.”

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Weapons-Mass-Instruction-Schoolteachers-Compulsory/dp/0865716692

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