The science behind the origin of a virus as a model for disease . The Immanuel Project!

Health professionals and clinicians rely on the research produced by scientists  and trust what comes out of the field of virology through medical books, education system, scientific journals. 
What is the scientific justification to give people ( especially  children and many healthy individuals)  a toxic biological/ chemical injection on the pretext that it may prevent some future  disease  they  may never acquire or may stop spread of a disease that may never happen ! This is, arguably   , the equivalent of  giving chemotherapy as prevention for a cancer that one may never get. 
How is this justifiable ? What happened to the motto ‘First do no harm?
What is the the origin and scientific proof for a virus as a model for disease.?Where is the ‘science ?

An opportunity has  arisen for  a neutral scientific assessment of the currently available proof.
The Immanuel Project is a call to virologist and bioinformatics  
"The only way to test a hypothesis is to look for all the information that disagrees with it.’
‘The growth of knowledge depends entirely upon disagreement.’" 
Karl Popper.


Karl Popper- Theory of Falsification
According to Popper, scientific theory should make predictions which can be tested, and the theory rejected if these predictions are shown not to be correct.
For Popper , science should attempt to disprove a theory , rather than attempt to continually support theoretical hypotheses.

What is the orgin and the proof for a virus model for disease?
Dr Stefan Lanka:
"The definition of what can be called a scientific statement and the resulting obligations are clearly defined. Summarised:

A. Every scientific statement must be verifiable, comprehensible and refutable.

B. Only if the refutation of a scientific statement by laws of thought, logic and, if applicable, by control experiments has not succeeded, a statement may be called scientific.

C. Every scientist is obliged to check and question his statements himself.

Because virologists have never done this themselves and for understandable reasons are reluctant to do so - who wants to refute themselves, who wants to refute their actions, who wants to refute their own reputation - we do this publicly with seven arguments. Every single argument alone is sufficient to refute the existence claims of all "pathogenic viruses" and this is what virologists of this discipline do (except for researchers who deal with the existing "phages" and "giant viruses"). in the following points the word "virus" is used instead of the word combination "pathogenic virus". "


Wissenschafftplus Magazin  01/2020 · Auszug
The Virus Misconception Measles as an example
Dr Stefan Lanka

Up to the year 1949, the “virologists” cultivated their suspect- ed “viruses” (proteins) by placing a piece of putrescent ge- netic material, which had been taken from a tissue allegedly infected by a virus, on a slice of “healthy” tissue of the same type. The visible intensification of the putrefaction process, which was transmitted from the “sick” tissue to the “healthy” tissue, was misinterpreted as proliferation and spreading of the virus, of the pathogenic poison. Due to control experi- ments with healthy tissue carried out for the first time in 1951, the virologists discovered that what they saw were quite nor- mal processes of tissue decay and not a virus that would only be present in “sick” tissue”

“Until 1952, a “virus” was defined as a pathogenic poison in the form of a protein, which as an enzyme caused damage in an unknown manner, would cause disease and be transmissible. After 1953, the year in which the alleged DNA in the form an alleged alpha helix was publicly announced, the idea of a virus became a malignant genotype wrapped in proteins. Thus, a paradigm shift took place between 1952 to 1954 regarding the image of a virus.)

The virologists who claim that viruses cause illness refer centrally to a single publication with which they justify what they do and pass it off as scientific. This is easily recognized as insane and anti-scientific.
The authors, who published these considerations on June 1, 1954, have explicitly described their observations as speculations that have been refuted in themselves and that will only be verified in the future. To this day, this future verification has not taken place,because the first author of this study, Prof. John Franklin Enders, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine on December 10, 1954. He received the Nobel Prize for another speculation within the old, in 1951 disproved “Viruses are dangerous protein-toxins” theory.
The Nobel Prize had two effects: The old, disproved toxin- virus-theory got a pseudo-scientific nimbus and the new gene-virology the highest, apparently scientific honour.

Enders, his colleagues and all virologists overlooked – because of the Nobel Prize’s blindness – that the death of the cells in the laboratory is not caused by a virus, but because the cells are unintentionally and unnoticed but systematically killed in the laboratory.By poisoning with cell-toxic antibiotics, by extreme starvation by means of withdrawal of the nutrient solution and by the addition of decomposing proteins, which release toxic metabolic products.

Enders and the “virologists” have never, until today, carried out control experiments to “infect” the cells in the laboratory with sterile material. They die in the control experiment in exactly the same way as with supposedly “viral ‘material.


Wissenschafftplus Magazin 03/2020
How dead are virus anyway?
All claims of Virus Existence Refuted
Today's virologists don't question the fact that they can't find viruses and viral genetic material. They are also don't question the fact that they always and constantly only mentally assemble the genomes of the viruses (the genetic strands of the viruses) from short pieces and then present them as reality.

Wissenschaftplus Magazin  4/2020 · extract
The causers of the corona crisis are clearly identified
who claim disease-causing viruses are science fraudsters and must be prosecuted from Dr. Stefan Lanka
‘ The most important rule of science is the documented and unsuccessful attempt to prove the statement that is presented as true and scientific. All scientific rules are preceded by adherence to the laws of thought and logic. If these are disregarded or violated, the scientific statement is disproved as well as by a successful  control experiment.’

The transition from toxin virology to today’s genetic virology

What virologists, physicians and science journalists are keeping quiet about is the fact that the idea that viruses were defined as protein toxins, which was valid until 1951, had to be abandoned that year. In order to test the assumption and assertion of toxin-viruses and to be allowed to claim them as scientific, two control experiments were conducted:
1. Healthy tissue was exposed to decomposition and not just tissue supposedly damaged by viruses. It was found that the proteins produced by the decomposition of healthy tissue are the same as those produced by the decomposition of “virus-damaged” tissue. This refuted the virus assumption.
2. the protein-toxin-virus assumption was additionally disproved by the fact that in the electron microscope of “virus diseased” humans, animals and their fluids never anything else could be found and photographed than it was the case with healthy humans. By the way, this has remained so until today.

To this day, no virus has been seen in or isolated from humans, animals, nor plants or their fluids. It has not even been possible to isolate a nucleic acid that would correspond to the length and composition of the genetic strands of the claimed disease causing viruses, although the isolation, presentation and analysis of the composition of nucleic acids of this length has long been possible using the simplest standard techniques.

The electron microscopic images of alleged viruses show only structures that are always obtained from completely different sources.
These structures have never been isolated, neither biochemically characterized nor used as a source for the short pieces of nucleic acids, from which virologists ONLY THEORETICALLY construct a long nucleic acid, which is then passed off as the alleged genetic strand of a virus.

Never before has it been possible to isolate a nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) from a structure or from a liquid whose length and composition would correspond to what virologists claim to be the genetic strand of a disease-causing virus. Why and for what reason the virologists have completely lost themselves in an anti-scientific approach that is completely removed from reality and dangerous

becomes clear through the sequence of what happened between 1951 and December 10, 1954. After medical virology had been taken care of by control experiments in 1951, the phages of bacteria became the model for the persistent ideology of what “pathogenic viruses” should look like: a nucleic acid of a certain length and composition, surrounded by a shell consisting of a certain number of certain proteins.
But: lack of electron microscopic pictures of “disease-causing viruses” in humans/animals/plants, lack of electron microscopic pictures of “disease-causing viruses” in isolated form, lack of biochemical characterization of the components of “disease- causing viruses”, Due to the lack of isolation, virologists have been and still are forced to assemble individual components of supposedly “virally” diseased tissue into viruses in their thoughts and graphics and to fake these intellectual products for themselves and the public as existing viruses!


1. The fact of Alignment
Virologists have never isolated a complete genetic strand of a virus and displayed it directly, in its entire length. They always use very short pieces of nucleic acids, whose sequence consists of four molecules to determine them and call them sequences. From a multitude of millions of such specific, very short sequences, virologists mentally assemble a fictitious long genome strand with the help of complex computational and statistical methods. This process is called alignment.
The result of this complex alignment, the fictitious and very long genetic strand, is presented by virologists as the core of a virus and they claim to have thus

2. The fact of the lack of control experiments for alignment
Virologists have never performed and documented an alignment using equally short nucleic acids from control experiments.

3. Alignment is only done by means of mental constructs
In order to be able to mentally/computationally assemble the very short sequences of the nucleic acids used into a long genome, the virologists need a template to align the short sequences into a very long, supposedly viral genome strand.

4. Viruses have never been seen in a human/animal/plant or in liquids thereof.
To date, however, not a single virus has been photographed in saliva, blood or other places in human/animal/plant or fluids, although electron microscopic imaging is now an easy and routine standard technique..

5.The composition of the structures that are claimed to be viruses has never been biochemically characterized

6. Electron microscopic images, which are output as viruses, are known typical artifacts or cell- specific structures
Virologists publish a large number of electron microscopic images of structures that they pass off as viruses. They do not mention the fact that ALL of these images are typical structures of dying cell cultures or are laboratory-produced protein-fat soap bubbles and have never been photographed in human/animal/plant or liquids from them.

7. the animal experiments of the virologists refute the virus- existence assertions.
It is clear from every single publication in which such animal experiments have been conducted that the way the animals are treated produces exactly the symptoms that are claimed to be caused by the virus. In each of these publications, it is clear that no control experiments have been performed where the animals would have been treated in the same way with sterilized starting material.


Misinterpretation Virus II beginning and end of the corona crisis by Dr. Stefan Lanka

The definition of SARS and Corona or Covid-19 states that atypical pneumonia is regarded as the clinical picture characterising the disease. If known pneumonia pathogens can be detected, the pneumonia is considered a typical, if not an atypical pneumonia. One of two decisive facts for SARS and the corona crisis is that at least 20-30% of all pneumonia is atypical. The causes of atypical pneumonia are clearly known and therefore must NOT be claimed as the cause of an unknown virus.
This fact is suppressed by infectiologists and virologists and is the basis of the current fear and panic, because the impression is created among those affected, the public and politicians that atypical pneumonia would be particularly dangerous and often fatal because there are no drugs or vaccines for the allegedly new disease.

From the time when a test procedure for the alleged new virus is offered, which, which is concealed by those involved, also tests healthy people “positively”, the number of cases is increased automatically. At first, people with typical pneumonia are also included, then more and more people with other diseases. This is regarded as practical proof for the spread of the virus. Automatically more and more other diseases are added to the original disease “atypical pneumonia” and this “syndrome” is displayed as “the new virus disease”.

The other decisive fact, not only for SARS and the corona crisis, is that virologists who claim that viruses cause illness suppress an openly lying situation for understandable reasons. The virus test procedure offered is a genetic detection method. The gene sequences they use for the detection test are not isolated from a virus. They isolate typical gene sequences that are released in increased amounts when tissue and cells die. These generally short gene sequences, components of the human metabolism, are the basis for further laboratory work. With the help of computer programs, virologists are only able to construct long genetic material strands from many short gene sequences. These are then output as real, viral DNA strands. This is the reason why positive test results are repeatedly obtained even in healthy individuals.
In order to avoid refuting themselves, these virologists consistently disregard two rules prescribed by science. One is to consistently verify all claims themselves. The other is to test all assumptions and methods used by means of control experiments. If they would carry out the control experiments, they would find out that ALL of the short gene sequences which they only mentally link to a virus genome strand, originate from the human metabolism and not from outside, from a claimed virus.

The authoritative virologists of the Chinese Disease Control Commission (CCDC) published their results on 24.1.2020 and 3.2.2020. They report on the isolation of many short gene sequences, which, when strung together, could represent a genetic strand of a new type of virus. The authors expressly point out – and all other virologists involved to date – that the absolutely necessary experiments have not yet been carried out, which would make it possible to claim that this is indeed a genetic strand of a pathogenic virus. On the contrary, the Chinese virologists even explicitly point out that the constructed genetic strand bears up to 90% similarity to genetic strands of harmless and for decades known, main corona viruses in bats.
On 21.1.2020 (3 days before the first publication of the CCDC!) the WHO recommended all nations to use the test procedure developed by Prof. Drosten. By claiming that he had developed a reliable test procedure for the rapidly spreading virus in China, Prof. Drosten, disregarding the clearly defined rules of scientific work which are part of his employment contract, and by violating the laws of thought and logic of virology,  has caused the increase and globalization of the Chinese epidemic panic.

Dr Stefan Lanka:
“I can predict with certainty that people who release increased gene sequences from the tissue type of squamous epithelia, e.g. kidney patients, will be tested 100% “positive” with the PCR developed by Prof. Drosten at the latest when their smear quantity is multiplied and concentrated a little. It is very likely that all organisms can even be tested positive.
I call on biochemists, bioinformaticians, virologists and cell culture specialists to carry out these control experiments, to publish them and to inform me about them. I have designed a control experiment which excludes from the outset the excuse that the sample material used has been contaminated with the SARS-Cov-2 virus before or during the control experiment.
The costs for the performance of the control experiments are covered if I and neutral observers are allowed to be present during the performance of the control experiments and each step is documented
. Please contact the publishing house for contact. The results will end the corona crisis immediately. It is of no use if only I present the results of the control experiments.”

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