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Be Informed: Ramifications For Our Children with Mary Holland- APRIL 9, 2021 BY

"What are our current restrictions – masks, lockdowns, social distancing, and more – doing to our children? What does the future hold for them? Will there be mandatory testing and vaccination? What are the physical, social, and psychological ramifications of the world’s response to this “pandemic” on children? Mary Holland, the President and General Counsel for Children’s Health Defense, explores the fall-out for our children from the “new normal” so far. She discusses the stated plan to not only test our children for the SARS-CoV-2 virus but to eventually vaccinate them as well. She discusses problems with both the testing and the injections. And she cites steps we can take to better inform ourselves and protect our children in the days to come."

"Part of what is so scandalous about the COVID epidemic is that they’re using PCR testing as the means for determining a case. What PCR testing does is it’s a molecular test and it tests for viral load. It doesn’t specifically test for COVID. You’d have to do a secondary test to know whether somebody had a COVID infection. What we do know from PCR testing is that people who had the illness will test positive at most testing levels for over two months after they’ve had the illness. We know that you can regulate what percentage of people are going to test positive depending on what’s called the cycle threshold. How much you have to amplify these tiny little bits of viral material that they get in these nasal swabs or saliva.  

One of the aspects of our challenge, the most important, Hilda, is that the PCR test just like the vaccines against COVID is only acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration as it may be effective. They have not been approved and licensed. They’ve just been authorized. Meaning, the FDA hasn’t taken in the position yet that these things work. Our view is that brings into play the Nuremberg Code. The Nuremberg Code is from 1947. It was specifically to address Nazi medical atrocities where people were made human subjects without their consent. The first principle of the Nuremberg Code is consent is absolutely essential, categorical, no ifs, ands, or buts."

"Not only the vaccination, but the test is experimental. 

Correct. It’s an experimental medical device that has been authorized by the FDA, but it has not been approved or licensed for detection of COVID and it cannot test for COVID. The important thing to point out is it’s subject to manipulation. If you wanted to test for COVID infection, you would have to take a positive or a negative test, and you’d have to do genetic sequencing. That would be more expensive and would take more time, but then you could get a definitive answer. The cases that we’ve been seeing that have been driving this pandemic for 2020 don’t test for COVID infection. They test for viral load. 

Perhaps that’s why we’ve gotten many false positives or asymptomatic positives."

"Going back to what we said at the top though, if children are not the driving force behind the spread of this sickness, why all these extra measures? 

These extra measures are coming in part from executives, mayors, and governors. Like in California, Governor Newsom, who thinks that there’s this huge pandemic risk. I would say the other reason, Hilda, is that children are our captive market for vaccines. I certainly see these passes as the stepping stone to compulsory vaccines. Children are at the lowest risk of COVID of any age group in the population and yet, in terms of forcing compulsory vaccination, they’re the most vulnerable group. Because that’s where the whole global population has an infrastructure that is ready to withhold schooling unless the child is vaccinated. It’s impossible for us to see this stepping stone about PCR testing and temperature taking without understanding that this is a stepping stone and it’s the bridge to compulsory COVID vaccination, which will look a lot, from everything we understand, like flu vaccination. The whole paradigm is for at least annual vaccination against Coronavirus’ new mutant strains. "

"Let’s talk about the psychological ramifications. You said children are captive and they are vulnerable. We are training them to be afraid of each other. 

There are tremendous psychological issues going on with our response to COVID. It makes people afraid of one another. People can’t recognize one another.

.” Masking, historically, is a kind of obedience. In some cultures, women essentially wear masks and it’s part of obedience to God, but it’s also obedience to authority. We are, in essence with masking, training people to be obedient and to muzzle their voice.

"They need to put these new norms in place so that when these people become adults, they don’t think it’s strange to have to flash a QR code. As you probably know, Hilda, these norms are already in place in China. You can’t go into certain institutions without getting a green pass. You have to show that you have these health metrics. Also in China, they’re already doing something called social credit scores. If you don’t have a high enough score, you can be restricted access to all kinds of institutions. It’s a worrying parallel that we’re adopting these same kinds of high technocratic controls over people."

"What is the likelihood that parents may be encouraged to vaccinate their children? How soon do you see that coming down the pike?"

The major players like Moderna, Pfizer, Oxford, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, all of the big manufacturers of the vaccines that are out there in the United States are already de-escalating. They’re already moving their clinical trials down from 17 to 12, and they’re talking about doing clinical trials in newborns and in pregnant women. Some pregnant women and some children have already been vaccinated with these vaccines. Especially the pregnant women, there’s been reported many miscarriages among them. 

Even though children are at the lowest risk of COVID, there’s no strong evidence that they are infecting adults with whom they come into contact, nonetheless, they are the age group where there is already a profitable infrastructure in place for mass vaccination."

"You mentioned the Nuremberg Code. It seems to me that if people want to get vaccinated or they want their children vaccinated, that should be fine. If some of us don’t want that, that should be fine as well. We should have that freedom to choose.

Some countries don’t allow compulsory vaccines, including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Iceland, and Japan. They say you have an absolute right to say no. Technically, in the United States, you have an absolute right to say no, but for instance, in New York state where I am, that would mean that you would be obliged to homeschool your child. Your child would not have access to any school in New York, public or private if you don’t vaccinate your child. That’s a pretty high bar and that makes it hard to exist. "

"Not only that these may be required for kids to go to school in different states, but it’s likely that it may be required for adults soon to travel and whatnot. In other words, within the framework of a pandemic, it seems like a lot of rules are tossed out the window and freedoms as well."

"If I tune into mainstream media and the radio, all I hear is how good all these things have been. If we could only just hang in there, it’s a little while longer that we have to wear masks and now the vaccines are on the horizon and practically mandated.

We’re troubled that there has been astonishing censorship of people who are simply advocating for truthful information about vaccines and safety as we are.

One of the other things we talk about a lot is that as a country in the United States, we have a woefully inadequate adverse event reporting system for vaccines. When people are harmed by vaccines, often, doctors don’t report it. The people don’t know that there is a place to report it. Doctors often don’t recognize the harms. Our understanding is about 1 out of 100 genuine vaccine injuries is being reported. That’s based on a 2010 study that was funded by the federal Health and Human Services department. 

In other words, most people when they have a vaccine injury think, “Something weird is happening to my body.” They don’t associate it with vaccination or they’re not aware that there is a reporting system. 

Most people and sadly, most physicians are completely unaware of what can be repercussions and consequences of vaccines. They’re wide-ranging. It can be transverse myelitis, paralysis, blindness, tremors, seizures, neurological harm, and all kinds of things. Most physicians get a couple of hours of training on vaccines and they get no training on vaccine injury. We probably are living in an epidemic of vaccine injury. We have 54% of American children with some kind of chronic health condition and yet, most people don’t understand what a vaccine injury is."

"If the reader could do one thing to improve their health, what would you recommend that they do? 

I would ask that they make informed choices, whether it’s to do a PCR test or to take a COVID vaccine or take things that relate to COVID. For their health, they have to become informed. You can’t assume that your doctor is telling you the right thing or that mainstream media is telling you the right thing or even your acupuncturist or homeopath or naturopath is telling you the right thing. It’s sad, but on this issue that is affecting every person on the globe, I would urge them to do their own homework."

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