Israel’s Supreme Court orders COVID Iron Curtain lifted

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After the State of Israel failed to satisfactorily respond to Thursday’s Supreme Court order to provide a reason why the Special Authorities Regulations for Dealing With the Novel Coronavirus restricting exit from and entry into Israel, and restricting operation of airports and flights, should not be cancelled, the Court today overruled the limits imposed by the government on the total number of passengers allowed to enter Israel by air each day.

The petition that led to the ruling was written by Attorney Batya Sachs and submitted by the firm of Sachs-David-Price-Hegedish.

The 3,000 passenger daily limit will end on Saturday, March 20th.

A three-judge panel issued the ruling, excoriating the government over its handling of COVID-era air travel.

Arutz Sheva‘s David Rosenberg reports the court also ruled as illegal the requirement for travelers who lack both vaccination and recovery certificates to receive special permission to travel from a government committee, eliminating the need to receive Exceptions Committee approval. Those seeking to leave Israel after this coming Saturday will not be required to receive Exceptions Committee permission.

The justices, led by chief justice Esther Hayut, blasted the government over the way it adopted the restrictions, saying the decisions were made without reference to relevant data.